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While I am a huge fan of using technology to accelerate and organize the sales process in a lot of ways I’m still old school and proud of it!

First, I like to read the hard copy of the newspaper.  There’s just something about unfolding that huge paper and getting black ink residue all over your hands that bring in a nostalgic feeling.

Pile of Various newspapers over white background

Second, I like 80’s music.  Heck, I even sold my truck in college to buy a 1984 Corvette so I could listen to Van Halen and Bruce Springsteen cassettes while cruising with my targa top off.  Complete with a white sports coat I thought I was really something to see.  The ladies, on the other hand, weren’t all that impressed.  Thank God my wife didn’t know me in college or there’s no way we would be together today.


Third, I still write personalized, hand written “Thank You” notes to anybody that gives me a gift.  Considering I got married and had a kid not too long ago my hand is still recovering from all that writing.


The third is a habit that was made out of my mom forcing me to sit down after each Christmas and birthday to write and send out the cards.  I carried on in college and then decided that after college when I started my first business I would hand write thank you notes to all my new customers after we did our first deal together.Thank you on old paper texture

A lot of my customers were surprised and thought I was giving them the special treatment.  People just don’t take the time to sit down and write out thank you notes anymore and unfortunately its become a lost art.

While I didn’t expect to get any new business from sending the cards what it did do was show my customers that I am willing to go the extra mile to take care of them so they could feel comfortable referring me to a friend or business associate without hesitation.

The Best of Both Worlds

Recently Paul Geller, the CEO of Thankster, a service that creates and mails cards that look hand written, reached out to me after seeing that we both integrate with Zapier and asked if I thought Spotio users would find value in Thankster

Considering my long history with writing Thank You notes I knew that I would find value in the service and thought that there had to be more of you out there like me that still like to keep it old school in a sense.

So now we can combine the personalized touch of a hand written note with technology to automate this process for you.  No longer do you have to spend your evening writing out notes to your new customers.  Now you can create a Zap and have it done for you automatically.

It’s funny because the day after Paul and I spoke I got a “hand written” card in the mail from a new landing page service I signed up for to use for your Webinar sign ups.  This is a super fast growing internet company that is keeping it real by sending out these type of cards to all their new customers.

Here’s how I would get started if I was you….

Pre-Requisite: Have a Zapier and Spotio account already.

Create a Thankster Account:

  1. Go to and click on the “Sign In” button on the top menu
  2. Fill in your info and hit the “Create New Thankster Account” button
  3. You can either go through the process of creating your own font to match your handwriting or just choose one that is similar and pick a card.
  4. Click on “Plans and Pricing” on the top menu bar, choose on of the plans and in the pop up you can enter the coupon code.

Thankster Coupon COde

Next, go over to Zapier and let’s create the Zap.

Spotio will be the Trigger and Thankster will be the Action.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 6.53.57 AM

**After Step 1 you will connect your Thankster account to Zapier and you will need to generate the Thankster API key.  This is done in Thankster toward the bottom of the Plan and Pricing Page.

In Step 4 you can set the parameters for when you want to send out the card.  If I want to send to a new customer then I am going to leave the first choice blank to trigger when a pin is Created or Updated and then in the second option I choose the “Sold” status.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 6.56.02 AM

Step 5 is where you set up where the card will be sent and what it will say.  Just line up the fields from Spotio to the Thankster fields.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 7.00.14 AM

You can manually write in your name and address and then use the “Insert Field” button to input the Receivers name and address straight from your Spotio account.

If your Spotio account has only one field for “Name” and it contains the first and last name then you can do what I did and just put a . in for the last name.

What you have just created is an automatic way to send a “hand written” note to your customer when you create or update their pin in Spotio to Sold.  This Zap will run automatically in the background anytime that happens so you never have to worry about it again.

Let me know what you think?  Are sending hand written or “hand written” notes a waste of time or is there value in this?  I bet all the realtors out there send out cards but some of you in other industries may have never thought of it.  I’m looking forward to your feedback.


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