Why Choose SPOTIO?

For growing field sales teams, SPOTIO offers a platform that goes beyond basic tracking so you can achieve more.

SPOTIO vs. Alternatives

SPOTIO is so much more than "dots on a map". It's a fully-featured sales engagement platform specifically designed to take field sales team performance to the next level. Get more out of each interaction with the industry's leading field sales engagement software.

Accurate Sales Activity Data

SPOTIO tracks all activity, in real-time, with visit verification.

Competitors only track first visits.


SPOTIO tracks multi-channel communications, and the company owns the Rep relationships.

Competitors give zero visibility into text, email, and voice.

Software Reliability

SPOTIO has 99.98% product uptime.

At 100k leads, competitors crash. Reps abandon use of a broken app.

Coach Reps to Make Money

SPOTIO tells you whether a Rep has an activity issue or
a technique issue.

Competitors are not built to do that.


Choose Software to Predict Pipeline & Scale Your Process

Competitor Comparison Chart - SPOTIO vs. Alternative Software
Comparison Chart - Multi-Channel Comms
Comparison Chart - Territory Management
Comparison Chart - Multi-Device Support
Competitor Comparison Chart - SPTIOV vs Alternative Software - Activity-Sequencing
Competitor Comparison Chart - SPTIOV vs Alternative Software - Sales Automation

Don't Take Our Word for it, Take Theirs.

We're proud to be a G2 leader in Field Sales Software and we're not afraid to brag a little about it.

Based on customer reviews and market presence scores, SPOTIO earned top marks across multiple categories:

See why over 1500 outside sales teams just like you are experiencing the ease of closing more deals in the field with SPOTIO.

See Why Others Made the Switch to SPOTIO

You’re not going to find a platform out there that’s easier to use, offers more support, or gives managers more insight and control. SPOTIO’s a no-brainer”


“Sales were up 65% last year. As for Q1 2021, we’re ahead of our Q1 2020 gross sales number by 116%.”


“What I like best about SPOTIO is it’s time saving abilities. I am able to unqualify many homeowners before I even ever knock on the door.”

Shane Lynch, President, StormGuard



Your reps won’t remember how they lived without SPOTIO

“I’m using SPOTIO to track every appointment, next steps and a boat load of information I obtain from the meeting. The benefits are plain and simple: I’ve been able to close more sales.”
Brandon V.
“If you are canvassing, SPOTIO will make your life much easier.”
G2 User
“Intuitive, quick, and highly customizable. This app has increased my productivity 10 fold. I really couldn’t do my job without it.”
Evan G.
Financial Services
“Easy to track potential customers and see past customers. Makes it very handy when trying to remember conversations you’ve had with people.”
G2 User
“I keep track of names, time in home, and date to follow up with ease. I love using the colored spots to track interest so I can manage my time easily and maximize my sales.”
Zak K.
G2 User
“SPOTIO helps keep me organized! That's huge. Knowing who to concentrate on has been a huge time saver.”
Ted T.
SPOTIO G2 Crowd Badges - Winter 2023
SPOTIO G2 Crowd Badges - Winter 2023

SPOTIO helps Field Sales teams achieve more