Solar Sales Funnel

The Solar Sales Funnel: From Awareness To Action

Want to succeed in the solar industry? You need to optimize your company’s solar sales funnel. If you don’t, you won’t be able to attract qualified prospects, close deals, and drive revenue. Of course, wanting to improve your solar sales process and actually doing it are different things. To help,

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9 Best Sales Mapping Software Tools For 2024

Looking for the best sales mapping software? Read on.  Sales mapping software is an essential part of every field sales team’s toolbox.  No more drawing and sticking pins in paper maps. Today’s sales reps rely on the latest technology to optimize their territories and increase sales. A glance at several

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25 Sales Contest Ideas to Keep Your Team Motivated

In a world where revenue is king, it’s natural to design your sales incentives programs to reward those with the highest sales. While this method make sense, it’s flawed. It keeps top performers motivated but doesn’t engage the rest of the team who can’t see themselves in that top spot.

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Field Sales Automation

Field Sales Automation Benefits and Top Tools Revealed

Field sales is highly lucrative. It’s also time-consuming, which is why every field sales manager wants to empower their reps to become more productive. Field sales automation is the answer. Once you invest in this kind of solution your reps will be able to streamline data entry processes, communicate with

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Sales activity tracking

Sales Activity Tracking: What It Is and How Tools Can Help

Want to help your sales team close more deals? Invest in sales activity tracking. Doing so will help you identify the way your reps spend their time. You can then use this information to suggest more productive tasks or even adjust your entire sales strategy. In this article, we’ll explain

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