Salespeople in their territories

The Complete Guide to Sales Territory Mapping (and Software)

There’s a lot of strategy and leg-work that goes into proper sales territory mapping. This is a crucial part in setting your team up for success. It can be a tedious process, but it’s necessary to ensure your team is canvassing the right area and not just going in blindly. What is a Sales Territory…

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Expert Series: A Unique Way To Attract Sales Reps

The SPOTIO team recently had the opportunity to discuss recruiting and retaining sales talent with James Peuster, CEO of The Route Pro, a sales route consulting program that specializes in helping dry cleaning companies increase revenue by establishing a route service. James has nearly 20 years’ experience consulting and building dry cleaners across the country….

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Your Guide on How to Allocate Territories to Avoid Canvassing Conflict

The landscape of canvassing is often far more complex than most people realize. The little intricacies of door knocking often lead to many conflicts that arise whether they’re realized by sales teams or not. If you think everything is running great, good for you! Maybe they are, and we’re not trying to tell you things…

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6 Strategies for Getting Past the Toughest Gatekeepers (with Scripts)

Follow these 6 steps to get past the toughest gatekeepers: 1. Lead with respect and integrity 2. Add a personal touch 3. Use basic manners 4. Show you’re listening 5. Ditch the small talk 6. Do your research   Sales men and women are great with people. It’s just part of the job. But there’s…

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The Solar Gold Rush – Preparing for California’s Solar Mandate

The state of California is set to experience a massive shake up in just a couple short years. In May of this year, the California Energy Commission (CEC) passed a mandate to the state’s 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards that’s been two years in the making. While it came as a huge shock to many,…

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Tips to Get More Leads When Canvassing

9 Tips on Getting More Leads While Canvassing

I prefer to see getting leads while canvassing as a blend of art and science. Sound a bit crazy? Well, just hear me out: The artistic side of canvassing expresses the technical skill of communication in order to build a relationship at the door with a complete stranger…all in about 7 seconds and then nurture…

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Everything You Need to Know to Dominate Your Market During Hail Season

With hail season in full force, having a plan of attack is of the utmost importance. The storm restoration industry moves at an exceptionally quick pace due to the seasonality and uncertainty. The number of companies competing in close proximity to each other also adds to the competitive nature. You have to be ready to…

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cartography, location and navigation concept - close up of map or city plan with pin

Optimize Sales Territory Design to Increase Productivity 19% (Step-by-Step Guide)

Creating sales territories has never been more important for door to door and field sales teams than it is today. Unfortunately, sales territory design is a process rushed through by the majority of managers. This is a major issue for something that is guaranteed to have a considerable impact on each salesperson’s ability to achieve…

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The Lead Handoff in Canvassing | Part 3: How to Identify & Correct a Low Show Rate

The Lead Handoff in Canvassing: How to Identify & Correct a Low Show Rate (Part 3)

Part 3: How to Identify & Correct a Low Show Rate Canvassers play a critical role in your organization as they’re responsible for making sure sales reps have a calendar full of appointments with qualified prospects to go to on a daily basis. You’ve spent time training them on best practices and developed their pitch…

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