Door Knocking App 101: What To Look For And Why You Need One

Door knocking app
Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

If you’re in outside sales, you probably spend a significant amount of your time in the field, knocking on doors, and meeting with potential customers face to face.

It’s a great way to make sales—unless your door knocking game is subpar. Fortunately, there are plenty of door knocking apps you can use to improve your efforts in this area.

Once you add this kind of tool to your tech stack, you’ll plan more efficient routes between prospects, eliminate double visits (i.e. knocking on the same door more than once,) and minimize tedious admin tasks that reduce the amount of time you have to close deals.

In this article, we’ll explain what door knocking apps are, the unique advantages they represent, the specific features you should look for in the best door knocking apps, and more.


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What Is A Door Knocking App?

A door knocking app is a piece of software that simplifies the door knocking process, helping users stay organized and knock on more doors than they otherwise could on their own.

Every door knocking app is different. But the best ones include territory and document management, location tracking, multichannel communication, detailed reporting, and automation features. They also integrate seamlessly with the other tools you already use.

The result? A much better door knocking experience for you and/or your team that leads to more sales, more revenue, and more success. Let’s talk more about these benefits…


What Are The Advantages Of A Door Knocking App?

Now that we know what door knocking apps are, let’s talk about why they’re so beneficial to outside sales reps. Here are four advantages you’ll enjoy once you invest in this kind of tool:


It Simplifies Route Planning

You could plan door knocking routes with a pen, a piece of paper, and that faded paper map you found in your attic last summer. But you won’t win you any points for productivity.

Door knocking apps feature digital maps, which make it much easier to design logical routes between prospects. The best door knocking apps take things a step further, allowing you to simply input addresses, then wait as the tool generates the most efficient route between them.

Tools like SPOTIO will automatically track your mileage, too, then export the data for a clean, accurate, and simple reimbursement process—no admin work required.


It Gives You Instant Access To Lead And Prospect Details

As mentioned above, the best door knocking apps do more than plan routes. Some of them will also help you learn about your prospects, then use that information in sales scenarios.

Quickly discover basic contact information for each lead on your list, as well as details regarding business type, revenue, and number of locations (for B2B sellers;) and age, home ownership status, and credit capacity (for B2C sellers,) directly on your mobile device.


It Helps Reps Stay Organized

Which doors have you already knocked on? And what was the result? A quality door knocking software will keep track of that information for you so that you can reach peak productivity.

For example, you’ll know exactly which doors in your territory to knock next, so you don’t waste time on double visits. More importantly, you’ll know which prospects showed interest in your products/services, and which have already booked appointments with your company.

Note: the SPOTIO mobile app will let you set appointments from your phone, which means you can use our tool to plan efficient door knocking routes, learn about your leads before you engage them in conversation, and book sales meetings that sync with your preferred CRM.


It Reduces Time-Consuming Admin Tasks

The average sales rep spends just 28% of their time selling. Why? Because non-selling activities like administration work require the bulk of their on-the-clock hours.

This is another reason to invest in a quality door knocking app. Once you have one, you can tap into automation to win back your day in a serious way. We’re not joking. SPOTIO has been proven to boost rep productivity by 46%. Say hello to insane levels of efficiency!


What To Look For In A Door Knocking App

You don’t want to buy any ol’ door knocking app. You want to buy the best door knocking app on the market, right? That’s why you should look for these eight essential features:


Territory Management

Invest in a door knocking app that includes territory management features.

SPOTIO makes it easy for sales managers to cut territories based on geographic boundaries or by drawing on a map. They can then quickly assign said territories to qualified sales.


Territory mapping in SPOTIO


Also of note, SPOTIO can be used to assess territory performance, thanks to in-depth reports. This will help you make key adjustments, or double down on winning tactics, to close deals.


Automated Sales Sequences

Door knocks are important, but they’re only one step in the field sales process. SPOTIO will help you complete them all in less time, thanks to powerful automation tools.


SPOTIO Autoplays


Use our platform to automatically capture prospect information and sync it with your CRM of choice. Then build entire automated sales sequences that include visit and call reminders, email and text message sends, and more. That way your leads don’t fall through the cracks.

The best part is, sales sequences can be designed and viewed on any device, which means field sales reps will always have access to them. In addition, sales sequences can be saved, reused, and even shared with colleagues to ensure maximum success for your whole team.


Digital Business Cards

What do you do if a prospect answers the door after you knock on it? Hopefully you have a strong sales pitch prepared that will pique their interest and lead to a future sale.

Just as important, you need to give your prospect a way to contact you down the road. An old school business card might work. But a modern digital business card is a much better option.

With SPOTIO, you can easily design digital business cards that live on your prospects’ phones. You know, the devices they already spend hours looking at every day.

Even better, SPOTIO’s digital business cards can be updated in a flash and will alert you when they’ve been viewed. That way you can contact prospects at the most ideal times.


Create digital business cards with SPOTIO's door knocking app



Door knocking apps are fantastic, but they aren’t the only tool in your field sales team’s arsenal. That’s why integrations are so important to team productivity levels.

Connect SPOTIO to the other solutions you use on a daily basis, such as your email provider and your preferred CRM. SPOTIO seamlessly connects with Gmail, Salesforce, HubSpot, and SOLO. It also integrates with Zapier, so almost every other integration is available to you, too.


Document Management

In all likelihood, your field reps use a variety of sales enablement materials to help close deals. We’re talking about product images, case studies, white papers, and the like.

Top-end door knocking apps like SPOTIO give reps easy access to all of these things, which will make it much easier for them to build trust with new leads and drive revenue.

SPOTIO can even be used to store and distribute contracts with e-sign capabilities. So, when you knock on a door and meet a perfect, buy-ready prospect, you can make the sale ASAP.


Location Tracking

Where are your reps? Like, right now.

SPOTIO includes a location tracking feature, so you always know where your reps are in the field. That way you can make sure they actually knock on the doors they say they knock on.

You can also use this feature to assess travel routes and ensure reps make the most of their time, and evaluate the number of visits your reps make on a daily basis.

Note: this feature can be turned off if your reps feel it violates their privacy.



Multi-Channel Communication

Yes, your reps spend a significant portion of their time in the field. But if in-person visits are the only way they communicate with potential customers, they won’t close many deals.

The best door knocking apps include multi-channel communication features, which will allow your reps to call, email, and text prospects directly from their mobile devices. With SPOTIO, you can then automatically log these activities in your CRM and analyze the results of each.

How is Rep A so successful? Why is Rep B struggling to meet quota? SPOTIO’s activity and communication metrics will help you answer these questions. Speaking of which…


Detailed Reporting

You’re knocking on doors, but are your efforts moving you closer to success?

Look for a door knocking app that includes a detailed reporting dashboard. That way you can evaluate your approach, eliminate subpar tactics, and double down on winning strategies.

My Reports

One of the best things about SPOTIO is that it will allow you to create custom reports—about your team’s door knocking activities or anything else. Simply choose the metrics and KPIs you care about. Then generate reports that only include these bits of information.


See Why SPOTIO Is The Best Door Knocking App

SPOTIO has the features you need to elevate performance for your field sales team.

Sign up for a free demonstration of SPOTIO right now to see our industry-leading tool in action. A knowledgeable representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

When they do, they’ll be able to show you all of the door knocking features we mentioned in this article, including our route planning, territory management, location tracking, multichannel communication, automation, and reporting features, as well as our integration capabilities.