Make sense of your field sales data on a map

Customer Mapping Software for Outside Sales teams


Visually organize any data point on a map

Customer Mapping brings your CRM data to life and finds gaps you didn’t know existed:

Map Visualization


Distinguish leads, opportunities, and customers

Without a way to quickly distinguish one pin from another during customer mapping, your reps are more likely to miss something important. And less likely to manage their days efficiently.

Colorized pins are just one more way SPOTIO helps your reps stay organized; which keeps them focused on what matters: growing the business.


Available on Both Web and Mobile - A Capability that competitors lack

Watch organized and colorized pins dropped from reps in real-time from anywhere, at any time with SPOTIO’s multiple platform visibility.

SPOTIO G2 Awards Winter 2024
SPOTIO's award highlights for G2 Crowd's Winter 2024 report


Your reps won’t remember how they lived without SPOTIO

"Good visualization tool to track business. Seeing the location of each client and having them filtered by category is very helpful."
Amy V.
Sales Development
"The map loads instantly, no issues with it. The upside is that we actually get accurate information for customers. No time wasting with unqualified prospects."
Monica N.
"Entering information and updating pins is extremely quick and easy. I love that I can see the location of my sales reps when they input data."
Jordan S.
Computer Software

Customer Mapping Software That Improves Rep Productivity

SPOTIO’s customer mapping software enables field sales teams to have real-time visibility into the field, save time by executing bulk actions, and gain the needed insights to improve team productivity at all levels.

Layers of Map Capabilities

SPOTIO’s Customer Mapping tool allows users to customize their map view with the following settings:

Time-Saving Bulk Actions

SPOTIO’s “Lasso Tool” provides the capability for bulk selection, allowing you to complete different actions on multiple leads at the same time:

Cut Down On The Clutter

Apply and stack multiple filters in SPOTIO’s customer map view and save them for future use. SPOTIO’s robust filtering tool allows you to filter at the following levels:

Real-Time Metrics Snapshot

Easily notice trends with SPOTIO’s Customer Mapping data and get a snapshot of real-time metrics. Move around on the map and the data will automatically update for:

Frequently Asked Questions

SPOTIO customer mapping was specifically designed to be customized to your particular business needs. With our colorization, filteration, and layering tools, SPOTIO customer’s are able to dial in their specific map settings for their company’s needs. Users and admins can leverage all of their data inside of SPOTIO and have their map settings adjusted to show them what matters the most.

SPOTIO made a business decision to not own our own mapping, but rather conduct customer mapping through a direct integration with Google Maps. Since Google maps is one of the most up-to-date platforms, you’ll get the same benefit in the SPOTIO app. Other competitors use Apple Maps, which isn’t as accurate.

While SPOTIO doesn’t offer heat mapping in-app, we directly integrate with data visualization tools like Tableau or Power BI to better equip your reps with the right information to ensure that every customer engagement is well executed.

SPOTIO is not primarily built for territory optimization, nor do we specialize in auto-balancing territories. We are built for sales reps to increase activity, visibility, and ultimately, revenue. However, we can import balanced territories from other software that are specifically built to perform this function, like eSpatial.

SPOTIO Legacy used to offer a stand-alone pin-dropping plan, but our software has grown along with the core needs of the Field Sales industry. Our robust software has many additional core features that make SPOTIO what it is today. You can check out to see which plan meets the need you are looking for.