Boost rep productivity by 46% with task automation


Automate Tasks and simplify data entry

How much time do your reps spend on CRM data entry? How accurate is your data if reps wait hours, days or even weeks to enter it? How much important data never makes it to your CRM at all?

SPOTIO makes it easy for your reps to capture the data you need:

Now you can give leadership, ops and managers the complete and accurate data they need. And help your reps stay organized without increasing their workload.


Log visits automatically And cut another admin task from your reps’ workflow

Your reps have a long list of admin tasks that take them away from selling. 

Remove one more admin task from the list with Auto-Visits, a feature exclusive to SPOTIO:

Now your reps have even more bandwidth to focus on sales instead of data entry.


Accelerate sales with messaging templates

Do you reps type every email and text from scratch? Or copy and paste from one app to another?

Not only does that time add up. You’re also left to wonder if your reps are sending the most powerful messages possible. 

Maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your texts and emails with SPOTIO:

Now you know your reps have effective messages at their fingertips. So they can spend less time typing and more time selling.

Sales rep day planner

Plan and approach each day with clarity and confidence

You know how important organization and clarity is to sales performance.

But with so much going on with each account, reps sometimes forget to check in with their prospects and prioritize the most important tasks. 

Sequence each sales motion for every lead so that reps never miss a beat.

With embedded calendar, reps are just a few taps away from calling, texting or emailing their prospects when it’s time to follow up.

And when it’s time to make a face-to-face visit, they know what to do.

Document Management and e-Contracts in SPOTIO


Close sales faster with eContracts and documents

You have critical documents that reps need in order to close deals.

Why let your reps fumble around for the latest documents when they’re trying to close sales?

SPOTIO puts the documents your reps need at their fingertips: