GPS Rep tracking for Sales teams that want geo-based accountability

Give managers real-time visibility into the field with geo-based Sales Rep tracking. For teams that prefer more privacy, you can turn these features off, or leave them unused.



See your reps travel history


Track reps location in real-time

Real-time Activity Feed in SPOTIO
Visit Verification Dashboard within SPOTIO

VISIT verification

See where reps are when they check in

"With SPOTIO, tracking the activity of the sales people with company generated leads is easy. The software is easy to learn and very versatile."

Sales Rep Tracking Features

SPOTIO provides powerful sales rep tracking to give managers clear and real-time visibility into whats happening out in the field. Monitor the performance of sales reps to make sure they’re making the most of their time in the field. 

Map Visualization

Drop Pins

SPOTIO’s location verification tool tags each reps location as pins are dropped. The insight you gain, and data you can study that results from dropping pins:

Real-time Activity Feed in SPOTIO

Find My Team

Find My Team feature is a layer built into the map view that helps you to locate and monitor activities of sales reps in real-time while they’re in the field.

With the push of the “Find My Team” button on SPOTIO’s mobile or web app, see exact rep location.

Map Visualization

Activity Tracking

With Activity tracking, not only track location, but also make sure sales reps are completing the required activities across each channel to keep the pipeline full. SPOTIO then – automatically – syncs tracking and activity data from the mobile app to your CRM. 

Visit Audit Log

See the number of customer visits made each day as well as the amount of time that a sales rep spent at each appointment. SPOTIO automatically captures this information without the sales rep having to manually log the visit.

Rep Leaderboards

Set performance goals and create incentive based contests to gamify prospecting and instill healthy competition among reps.

In addition, Leaderboards combined with rep tracking makes it easy to identify top performers and determine which reps may need some coaching so they don’t fall behind. 

The #1 Sales Rep Tracker in the Palm of Your Hand

A sales rep tracking tool that was designed for the outside sales rep. SPOTIO’s real-time location tracking software provides geo-based visibility to sales rep whereabouts for increased accountability and provides the data and insight needed to hit revenue targets.