Growth is easier when you don’t have to guess


Get a clear view of your sales performance. And stop guessing how your numbers will pan out.

Without an accurate picture of sales performance, you’re left to guess as to whether or not your team is on track and where the gaps might be.

Sales Tracking Software makes sales performance more predictable with clear insights and analytics so you can make the right decisions and hit your numbers. 

Easy-to-use sales tracking software with complete and up-to-date insight into the performance of your sales team. Keep track of critical sales activities, pipeline metrics and revenue data at the rep, team and organization levels. Use the reports to take action and hit your sales goals.


Keep managers and reps updated so they never miss a beat

Your managers can’t be everywhere at once, but you can keep your managers up-to-date with SPOTIO’s email notifications:


Motivate your reps to top performance by tapping into their competitive side

Fuel your reps’ motivation with Leaderboards:

"SPOTIO is an excellent tool for tracking sales data, analyzing the data to find ideal working areas, and coordinating campaigns among many different individuals in the company. For salespeople, it is very helpful to see where other salespeople have already knocked, and excellent as a tool for a salesperson to lay claim to a lead they are working."
Justin R.

Granular Sales Tracking Software

Drill into performance data to view detailed sales rep activity throughout the entire sales cycle.

Sales Activity Tracking

Sales tracking software enables sales managers and operations can create activity reports to pull activity insights by individual or team.

Measure and report on sales activity that’s most important, and make smarter decisions.

Sales Pipeline Visibility

Dashboards provides real-time insights that identify exactly where each individual team member needs assistance in your sales process.

Measure performance of individual sales reps, teams, or your entire field sales organization.

Sales Rep & Territory Views

Gather territory specific insights to make smarter decisions based on geographic performance.

Compare territory performance across the company to better understand what’s working and what’s not, and win more deals.

Executive Insights

Robust analytics and sales reporting reporting capabilities – best times to prospect, best performing territories, etc. – to maximize team efficiency.

Capture, visualize and measure actionable field sales specific insights for improved sales forecasting and decision making.

My Reports

Custom Reporting Dashboards

View the metrics that matter most to your business. SPOTIO’s “My Reports” feature enables admins, managers and sales reps to quickly generate custom reports directly inside their account.

Track only the most important KPIs, set permissions, save custom reports, and gain visibility from anywhere by running reports from desktop and mobile devices.

Sales Tracking in the Palm of Your Hand

SPOTIO’s sales tracking tool was designed for the outside sales rep. With an easy-to-use mobile app, activities and notes added from the field are automatically synced with your CRM. Now sales reps can focus on closing deals, not updating their CRM at the end of the day, and managers have real-time insight into what’s happening in the field.

More Features to Improve Your Sales Tracking

SPOTIO sales tracking software provides sales teams with a clear picture into what’s happening in the field. Get field sales tracking insights and see detailed location activity of sales reps for better management. Then, use the insights to remove bottlenecks and improve sales processes.


Frequently Asked Questions

SPOTIO provides the most comprehensive field sales tracking solution. Managers can see and track more field activity in real time with SPOTIO than any other provider. can track rep location and activity, view custom sales reports at the rep, territory and team levels, and generate leaderboards that help to motivate rep performance.

SPOTIO works seamlessly with 3rd-party systems to make sure your data stays accurate and up to date. We can connect with over 2000 other systems through native and API-based integrations.

SPOTIO enables admins, managers and reps to track more metrics than any other field service provider. This includes activity-based metrics – calls made, visits logged, emails sent and more – all the way through to performance-based metrics such as leads created, win-loss rate, close rate, deals won and revenue.

Yes! SPOTIO includes many pre-built reports that can be easily modified and scheduled. Additionally, SPOTIO’s My Reports feature is a powerful business intelligence (BI) tool that makes it incredibly easy to dynamically-generate custom sales reports using a drag-and-drop interface.