Manage your sales territories.
Maximize your team performance.

Cut territories. Assign them to reps. And gain new insights that drive growth. with the leading Territory Management Software for Field sales teams


Divide territories and maximize sales team efficiency

 Allocate your sales resources to properly match the territory.

Help your team work each territory more efficiently with Spotio:

Now your team can stay organized while it squeezes the most revenue out of each territory.


Control who sees lead data by role

No one wants their team to argue over who owns which leads.

Control who can access each lead’s data with hierarchies and permissions:


Make smarter decisions with insight into territory performance

Why do some territories perform better than others – Is it the territory? Is it the team? Is it the manager?

Spotio’s Territory Management gives you detailed insights into which territories perform best — and why.

With detailed territory performance insights, you can make smarter decisions that drive growth.