A Sales CRM Platform Built for the Solar Industry

The solar industry is rapidly growing. With such demand comes an incredible opportunity to boost sales and increase revenue in ways never seen before. As your business grows, it’s essential to have a solar CRM software, like SPOTIO, to track and monitor your sales activities.

The rapid expansion means that competition will be fierce, so without a solar CRM software you’re going to be stuck with your head in the mud while your competitors snipe deals right out from under you.

A Solar CRM That Empowers Your Sales Team

Solar CRMs should keep sales reps active, producing more and adding to the bottom line while keeping solar sales managers organized and well-informed with real-time data.

Effective Territory Management for Door to Door Solar Sales

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Territory Creation. Being able to easily and accurately map territories gives you the power to target qualified customers that match your ideal customer profile, and ensure that your team is knocking doors that have real buying potential. SPOTIO saves field managers 1 to 3 hours per day by taking the place of printed maps, pens and highlighters.



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Lead Machine. Lead Machine is your one-stop-shop for finding strong leads based on the criteria of your choosing. Identify leads by house size, income, owner vs renter and even green living. With Lead Machine, quickly identify and generate hot leads that match your criteria, in seconds.



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Robust Reporting Dashboard. Your solar CRM should produce easy to read data that represent the various KPIs related to your sales process. SPOTIO’s dashboard provides real time insights that identify exactly where each individual team member needs assistance in your sales process. You will be able to spot-train reps on the areas where they need the most assistance to be successful.



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Appointment Calendar.There’s no need to use outside calendars or other apps to schedule appointments. SPOTIO’s calendar feature allows users to create appointments for themselves or other team members right from the calendar tool. See busy and available times for anyone on your team and book appointments accordingly.



Sales Activity Tracking 300x168 - Tracking Software for Solar BusinessesRep Management. Improve the accountability and productivity of your sales team by tracking them with SPOTIO. Real-time knowledge backed with recorded data creates usable information to make immediate decisions to effectively manage your reps. Improve your sales efficiency and dominate your territory like never before.


Proper Management of Solar Sales Teams

Solar sales managers need to have the resources to keep track of their solar sales reps out in the field to increase team capabilities and accountability.

Solar CRMs that provide a verification tool to know exactly where their sales reps are in the field as well as a motivational tool to encourage friendly sales competition between solar reps is ideal. As solar sales reps see where their productivity fits within the scope of the whole team, this can help motivate them to strive toward even more success.

I estimate that SPOTIO has helped reduce the cost per lead by nearly 50%, and the cost per sale has dropped 20%. SPOTIO has helped us generate an additional 2 – 3 appointments per week and at least 2 additional sales per month.”

David D. | Applied Solar Energy Solutions



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