Improve and Scale your Solar Sales Process

Solar companies aren’t stagnant. They are a growing business sector as more and more people become educated to the benefits of solar energy. As solar businesses grow, the need for a solar CRM software that will grow along with them is of importance, which is why SPOTIO exist.

Effective territory management for door to door solar sales.

Solar CRMs should keep sales reps active, producing more and adding to the bottom line while keeping solar sales managers organized and well-informed with real time data. To do this, sales reps need a tool that will help them know where to knock doors and sales managers need the ability to analyze data to produce analytics for smart decision making.

  • Territory creation: Solar sales managers create territories based on what makes the most sense for their door to door sales strategy. Solar CRMs should empower sales managers to form territories by drawing them out onto a map. Once territories are designed, each can then be assigned to solar sales reps. And, the CRM needs to operate in real time so that as territories are assigned, they are simultaneously updated on all sales reps’ devices as well.
  • Reporting feature: Solar sales managers need the ability to run reports based on what matters most to their sales success.
  • Robust dashboard: To make reading data easier, your solar CRM should produce graphs that represent the various KPIs related to your sales process. A visual representation of data transforms abstract information into a real, tangible object that is easier and quicker to understand.

Scheduling and tracking solar appointments.

Having powerful calendaring within your solar CRM makes scheduling and tracking appointments easy and organized so that following up with solar inquiries and leads becomes a simple process. Your solar CRM should empower sales reps to schedule and see appointments for themselves and other team members.

Proper management of solar sales teams.

Solar sales managers need to have the resources to keep track of their solar sales reps out in the field to increase team capabilities and accountability.

Solar CRMs that provide a verification tool to know exactly where their sales reps are out in the field as well as a motivational tool to encourage friendly sales competition between solar reps is ideal. As solar sales reps see where their productivity fits within the scope of the whole team, this can help motivate them to strive toward even more success.

Get Organized. Keep Track. Sell More.

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