Keep your reps focused on your best prospects

Import and assign leads. Pre-qualify prospects. And keep your reps focused on the best opportunities.


Qualified prospect info at your reps’ fingertips

Ensure your reps have the prospect information they need for a productive day in the field:

For B2C teams, your reps can find the contact information for each residence with a single tap.


Import leads and assign them to reps

You know who your best prospects are. Now you just need an efficient way to assign them to your reps.

So your reps can stay organized and focused as they approach leads, opportunities and customers.


Filter prospects with in-app sales intelligence

Lead Machine gives you the data you need to identify the right leads. Which lets you disqualify bad prospects before your reps waste their time.

Just choose a territory to generate a lead list. And use filters to weed out unqualified prospects.


Filter based on 200+ data attributes, including:


Filter based on 200+ data
attributes, including:

Now you can save your reps hours of selling to bad prospects.