Hail Trace Integration

With the SPOTIO + Hail Trace integration you can ALWAYS be the first company with boots on the ground in the most affected areas of the storm. SPOTIO leverages Hail Trace’s storm data so managers can not only target areas directly impacted by a storm, but also uncover new areas of damage. The hail maps...

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young woman sitting and writing letter near bright window light.

Wow Your Customers – Automatically

While I am a huge fan of using technology to accelerate and organize the sales process in a lot of ways I’m still old school and proud of it! First, I like to read the hard copy of the newspaper.  There’s just something about unfolding that huge paper and getting black ink residue all over...

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It's Official – The Spotio Zap is Launched

Today marks the official launch of the Spotio Zap. If you haven’t heard of Zapier you HAVE to check it out, even if you don’t use it with Spotio.  Trust me. I use it in my personal life and business to automate tasks to save me several hours a week. Here’s some of my favorite...

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How to Create a Driving Route with SPOTIO

Last week I was doing a demo with a dry cleaning company that utilizes door to door prospecting to generate business for their route service. As we were going through the demo they asked me if SPOTIO could create a route automatically for their drivers to follow in order to optimize their driving time on...

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Creating a Company Sales Calendar in SPOTIO

Many door to door companies use canvassers to set appointments for the sales reps to come back and close at a later date.  It is often important that the whole team knows what days and times are open so that appointments are overlapped.  It is also good for management to have access to all these...

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Sending a Text

Automatically Sending a Text from SPOTIO w/ Zapier

Getting a sell is a very exciting time. The rep and managers celebrate and the other team members want to know how they did it. Why not announce to the whole team or maybe just the manager when a new sell happens in SPOTIO? In many phone rooms around the world they have a Gong...

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