11 Ways Managers Can Improve the Sales Follow-Up Process

Ask any sales manager what their biggest frustration is, and they’ll invariably refer to the sales reps who fail to follow up with leads. It’s a huge pain point. Even though sales reps know how important it is to follow up, most of them find it’s a turn-off. It’s certainly

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Sales Statistics

149 Eye-Opening Sales Statistics to Consider in 2023 (By Category)

The buyer’s journey has changed. With the internet at our fingertips, consumer’s have the ability to research and compare solutions like no generation before. They also have access to mountains of user generated content like peer reviews – which are trusted nearly as much as referrals. More empowered buyers has

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Sales Cadence Tools

10 Best Sales Cadence Tools for 2023

In sales, the person and/or team with the most thorough plan usually comes out on top. If you create a solid sales strategy, devise a winning follow-up system, and craft quality proposal templates, for example, you’ll make more sales than those who don’t. With that in mind, we want to

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