30-60-90 Day Sales Plan

How to Write a 30-60-90 Day Sales Plan (With Template)

If you’re interviewing for a field sales position — or have recently started a new one — you may be asked to provide a 30-60-90 day sales plan. This plan helps a new or potential employer evaluate your ability to prioritize, understand how you define success, and discern whether you

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Sales forecasting software

7 Best Sales Forecasting Software (Including Key Features)

Looking for the best sales forecasting software? Read on. Sales forecasting software is an essential piece of technology for sales teams and business leaders. Previously, Excel spreadsheets were the go-to tool for tracking and predicting sales. Nowadays, businesses prefer the reliability and accuracy of sales forecasting tools to provide real-time

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Sales Follow-Ups

11 Ways to Improve Your Sales Follow-Up Process

Ask any sales manager what their biggest frustration is, and they’ll invariably refer to the sales reps who fail to follow up with leads. It’s a huge pain point. Even though sales reps know how important it is to follow up, most of them find it’s a turn-off. It’s certainly

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Territory Sales Manager

Territory Sales Managers: What They Do & Steps For Success

A territory sales manager is an individual contributor that executes the sales process for an organization in a defined geographic area (or territory). They’re required to develop effective sales strategies, meet territory sales quotas, and maintain excellent customer relationships. Typically, territory sales managers hold a bachelor’s degree along with some

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