A guide to the top 12 sales methodologies

The 12 Best Sales Methodologies You Need To Know

Sales reps are constantly monitoring their quota attainment. They know how much they’ve sold for the month and how much more they need to sell in order to reach their target. Where the breakdown occurs is how they should get there. Sales Methodology bridges the gap between what needs to be done and how to...

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Commission target

Typical Commission Structures for Sales Reps (with Pros, Cons & Examples)

Determining commission structures for sales reps is a critical piece to your sales plan. It sets the bar for the level of talent and skill set that you’ll attract to your sales team. It seems simple, right? More money = better salespeople? This isn’t always true. Higher earning potential through a commission time only comp plan...

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Salespeople in their territories

The Complete Guide to Sales Territory Mapping

There’s a lot of strategy and leg-work that goes into proper sales territory mapping. This is a crucial part in setting your team up for success. It can be a tedious process, but it’s necessary to ensure your team is canvassing the right area and not just going in blindly. What is a Sales Territory...

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Expert Series: How to Evaluate Your Sales Pipeline with Jeff Johnson

Our interview with sales guru Jeff Johnson discusses how you should evaluate your sales pipeline. In this video, we discuss: What must your pipeline contain in order to be most fruitful? How often should you review and refresh your pipeline? Is there a magic number you should always have in your pipeline? How do you ensure success...

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Expert Series: A Unique Way To Attract Sales Reps

The SPOTIO team recently had the opportunity to discuss recruiting and retaining sales talent with James Peuster, CEO of The Route Pro, a sales route consulting program that specializes in helping dry cleaning companies increase revenue by establishing a route service. James has nearly 20 years’ experience consulting and building dry cleaners across the country....

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Expert Series: How Sales Consultant Michael Rosenberg Wows Customers by Recruiting & Retaining Top Talent

An Interview With An Industry Leader in Door-to-Door Sales The SPOTIO team recently had the opportunity to sit down with “The Brand Ambassador Guy,” Michael Rosenberg, and learn from his successful 35-year career leading companies driven by door-to-door sales. Rosenberg started his door-to-door sales career at age 12 when building his paper route. After years...

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Your Guide on How to Allocate Territories to Avoid Canvassing Conflict

The landscape of canvassing is often far more complex than most people realize. The little intricacies of door knocking often lead to many conflicts that arise whether they’re realized by sales teams or not. If you think everything is running great, good for you! Maybe they are, and we’re not trying to tell you things...

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Ultimate Door to Door Sales Guide (with Tips & Scripts)

Table of Contents Key Pillars of the D2D Sales Process Traits of a Successful Door-to-Door Sales Professional 11 Door-to-Door Sales Tips & Techniques to Crush Sales Quota Canvassing Techniques How to Recruit a High-Performing Door to Door Sales Team 3 Door-to-Door Sales Compensation Models The Ultimate Door-to-Door Sales Toolset Let’s be honest. There is a...

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Two men working on their computers sitting back to back

Inside Sales vs Outside Sales

A great debate is taking place right now about Inside Sales vs Outside Sales and which method is better. There’s certainly no definitive answer because it depends on the person you’re talking to, their prior background, previous experience, and how they prefer to sell. Some business models may not be able to support inside sales,...

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