Dominate 2017 with a list of perfect sales pitch examples

Sales Pitch Examples: Get Ready to Dominate 2019 at The Door (Part 3)

This is the third installment of ‘The Crush 2019’ Series’, Sales Pitch Examples. Part I: Examples Of SMART Sales Goals Part II: Salesman Dress Tips To Stand Out From The Crowd Here we have the final component of annihilating 2019 in door to door sales is fine-tuning your sales pitch. What are you going to...

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Salesman Dress Tips Feature Image

Salesman Dress Tips to Successfully Dominate the New Year (Part 2)

How Your Appearance Can Help You Dominate 2019. Check our List of Salesman Dress Tips. This is the second installment of ‘The Crush 2019’ Series. Review the previous blog to crush your quota this year, and keep an eye out for Part III: Sales Pitch Examples To Become A Quota Crusher.  In this Part II...

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the one metric you need to grow your company

The ONE Number to Grow Your Company – the Northstar Metric

The importance being placed on metrics is growing at a tremendously rapid rate. There’s so many metrics available in today’s sales organizations that trying to determine which ones you should be paying attention to can become a headache. So, where should you start? For door-to-door sales teams, there’s 3 metrics you must know to measure...

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Sales Manager giving an effective sales meeting

10 "Must Have’s" for an Effective Sales Meeting

Meetings have long been considered an annoying waste of time by sales professionals, but they’re an absolutely essential component of a great sales culture. The only reason to hold a meeting as an owner or manager is because you have something you feel is important enough for everyone to hear. No one does them to...

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door to door sales candidate waits for interview

What is the Best Door to Door Sales Job for You?

Sales can be a difficult industry to break into. There’s a lot more to know than simply going out and banging on doors. If you’re new to the industry, there’s going to be a lot for you to figure out, For example, you have to learn whether you prefer a short-term or long-term sales cycle,...

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what do you need to succeed

Are You Giving Your Sales Team the Tools They Need to Succeed?

The days of sales reps going door to door with pen, paper and a clip board are over… or at least they should be. It’s too slow of a process and doesn’t provide the ‘must-have’ insight and analytics sales organizations need in today’s industry. Are you giving your sales team the tools they need to succeed?...

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Kenny Brooks Feature

How Comedian Kenny Brooks Gave the Best Door to Door Sales Pitch Ever

Almost everyone in the door to door and field sales industries know the comedian Kenny Brooks. You’ve undeniably seen a video of his pitching a cleaning product whether you knew it or not. While the guy is hilarious, he wasn’t just funny. He was actually good at sales. He had an expert-level understanding of how...

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Salesperson talking to homeowner

The Secret to Getting Invited into a Potential Customers Home

What’s the first thing you say to a potential customer when knock on a door and the homeowner answers? There’s a very small chance you speak with someone at each home you visit. In fact, you’ll typically only speak with about 25 – 30% of the doors you knock. Going through a neighborhood and only...

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The 4th Metric You MUST KNOW

I was wrong.  It’s hard to admit but this time I can’t deny it. One of the first blog posts I wrote was called “3 MUST KNOW Metrics for Door to Door Sales” and I left out one HUGELY IMPORTANT metric in this post. Here’s a quick recap of the other post  in case you...

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