How to Canvass a Neighborhood the Right Way

When you’re new to door-to-door sales, it can be tough to know where to begin canvassing a neighborhood. You could start anywhere, really. So how do you evaluate your many options and find a good place to begin?  Close your eyes, spin around and point to a map?  It has been done before, I am...

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Interview with D2D Expert Sam Taggart

  SPOTIO’s Founder and CEO Trey Gibson gives a unique interview with D2D expert Sam Taggart around the topic of how to handle an underperforming rep.   Interview Transcript: [beginning of recording] Trey:  Alright. So, hey everybody out there. This is Trey with Spotio, and Sam, you already know him, he’s with D-to-D Con, D-to-D...

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FI_Outside Sales: The Complete Guide for 2018

Outside Sales: The Complete Guide for 2018

Outfit pressed and hair coiffed, it’s time to set out into the field to meet with prospective clients. Being the face of the product/service makes the role of an outside salesperson an important one. This face-to-face interaction is what sets outside sales apart from their inside selling counterparts. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll talk you...

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Everything You Need to Know to Dominate Your Market During Hail Season

With hail season in full force, having a plan of attack is of the utmost importance. The storm restoration industry moves at an exceptionally quick pace due to the seasonality and uncertainty. The number of companies competing in close proximity to each other also adds to the competitive nature. You have to be ready to...

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Sales Incentives Programs: How to Motivate & Mobilize in 2018 (with Examples)

You need to motivate your team and increase sales. You also need to do it right away. You want a sales incentive program to do the heavy lifting for you. However, the one you have does not seem to be lifting a finger. It is time to look at your options and how to get...

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cartography, location and navigation concept - close up of map or city plan with pin

Optimize Sales Territory Design to Increase Productivity 19% (Step-by-Step Guide)

Creating sales territories has never been more important for door to door and field sales teams than it is today. Unfortunately, sales territory design is a process rushed through by the majority of managers. This is a major issue for something that is guaranteed to have a considerable impact on each salesperson’s ability to achieve...

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Commission target

Typical Commission Structures for Sales Reps (with Pros, Cons & Examples)

Determining commission structures for sales reps is a critical piece to your sales plan. It sets the bar for the level of talent and skill set that you’ll attract to your sales team. It seems simple, right? More money = better salespeople? This isn’t always true. Higher earning potential through a commission time only comp plan...

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A guide to the top 12 sales methodologies

The 12 Best Sales Methodologies You Need To Know

Sales reps are constantly monitoring their quota attainment. They know how much they’ve sold for the month and how much more they need to sell in order to reach their target. Where the breakdown occurs is how they should get there. Sales Methodology bridges the gap between what needs to be done and how to...

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Why Your Door to Door Sales Recruiting Sucks and How to Fix It

Door to Door sales companies constantly struggle with recruiting.  It is a full-time job that never ends and happens to be one of the #1 topics that Spotio customers ask for my input. We’re here to address why you door to door sales recruiting sucks and how to fix it. As somebody who has personally recruited...

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