Do You Have a Sales Job or Sales Career?

My start in sales… When I first started in sales it was nothing more than a job; it wasn’t a career or a passion. I didn’t grow up wanting to be in sales. I grew up playing hockey in one of the worst markets for the sport, Texas. I started officiating hockey when I was...

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Salesperson Hitting Quota

5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Company Needs a Sales Tracking Software

Being in a leadership position can be extremely difficult, especially in the field and door-to-door sales industries. As a field sales manager you deal with a heavy stream of egos, inefficient processes, mother nature not cooperating, fluctuating numbers, and territory assignments to name a few, all while trying to develop sales reps and meet revenue...

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How to Use the 6 Principles of Influence In Your Door-to-Door Sales Business

Psychology Applied to Sales Robert Cialdini was a mad-man scientist who came up with the most revolutionary invention, on the level of Benjamin Franklin. Okay… he wasn’t a mad-man and he didn’t have a revolutionary invention, but in 1984 he did release a book titled Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. In his book he developed...

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commercial real estate canvassing

How to Approach, Nurture and Convert with Commercial Real Estate Canvassing

In the world of mass email blasts, the monotony of cold calling, waiting too long for responses and a society overstimulated by marketing messages, face to face is the way to bust through to success in the commercial real estate market. Companies and businesses are on the move, whether they’re growing or downsizing, they need...

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How to amp up your door to door alarm sales pitch

How to Amp Up Your Door to Door Alarm Sales Pitch to Boost Sales Goals

With literally thousands of door to door alarm sales people walking around neighborhoods, distinguishing yourself, your brand, your offering(s) and how you present all of this at the door is essential to your success. The more consumers become educated about home security alarms and their choices, the more difficult it will be to actually sell...

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Home Security Sales Tips

Home Security Sales Tips You’ve Probably Never Tried But Should

Change how you sell with these essential home security sales tips! Do you know…the global home security market is expected to grow from a $28.31 billion industry in 2014 to $47.54 billion by the year 2020, according to a market research report by MarketsandMarkets. If that doesn’t get your blood pumping, I don’t know what...

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Canvassing Tips Home Improvement

Top 5 Home Improvement Canvassing Tips

Let’s cut right to the chase — as a home improvement canvasser, you need a clear system that guides you through all the steps and how-to’s of face-to-face marketing to ensure the outcome is positive after a prospect answers their door. We’ll walk you through the top 5 home improvement canvassing tips that will yield...

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How to plan a successful door hanger campaign

How to Plan a Successful Door Hanger Campaign in 9 Easy Steps

And, as promised, we’re back! If you haven’t read “Door Hanger Response Rates: Powerful Vintage Sales Tools,” I suggest you do. It talks about a unique and powerful way to use door hangers to pre-engage your potential customers before starting your door hanger campaign. Okay, let’s jump right into planning a Successful Door Hanger Campaign!...

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How to increase your door hanger response rate

Door Hanger Response Rate: Powerful Vintage Sales Tools

POP QUIZ! What is the industry average door hanger response rate? Would you say 7%…possibly 2%…maybe even 10%? Well, if you said between 1-3%, you are right on track! But, wait, that pretty much sucks, right? Depends on how you look at it. Yes, the actual door hanger response rate is terribly low, but if...

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