Salesperson Hitting Quota

5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Company Needs a Sales Tracking Software

Being in a leadership position can be extremely difficult, especially in the field and door-to-door sales industries. As a field sales manager you deal with a heavy stream of egos, inefficient processes, mother nature not cooperating, fluctuating numbers, and territory assignments to name a few, all while trying to develop sales reps and meet revenue…

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How to Start Tracking Your Sales Activities

“A walk of a thousand miles starts with one step” is an old saying that still rings true today. Many in the door to door sales industry are overwhelmed in the beginning because they’re so busy trying to see the forest for the trees that they lose sight of the bigger picture. But this can…

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How to Verify the Location a Door Was Knocked

A common misconception made by reps of companies that use SPOTIO is that they are just trying to micro manage every little thing that goes on.  While that might be true in the rare circumstance almost all of the time the companies that implement SPOTIO have the intentions of increasing their sales by rep, becoming…

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5 reasons to track your door to door sales team

5 Reasons to Track Your Door to Door Sales Team

You might as well use to your advantage all the technology available today like GPS processors in smartphones and tablets. The door to door reps are relied upon to not only be the face of your company but uphold goal expectations and being in the territory they say they are, all by good faith. So,…

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