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How many leads are in your sales pipeline right now? Which sales activities produced these leads? Do any of them move prospects through the funnel more consistently than others?

As a sales manager, you need to know the answer to these questions. If you don’t, you’ll never build an effective sales strategy that achieves real results for your organization.

How do we know this? The statistics make it clear. 51% of salespeople give up on prospects after one conversation. 78% of salespeople who use social media outsell their peers. Companies that nurture leads make 50% more sales than those that don’t.

You need to invest in sales tracking to make sure your reps follow up with leads effectively, use social media channels to convert prospects and do the work required to nurture leads.

Thankfully, there are plenty of sales tracking apps you can use to make this happen. We share 10 of them in this article. But before we get to them, let’s cover a few basics…


What Are Sales Tracking Apps?

Sales tracking apps are specific pieces of software that help sales managers monitor, log, and evaluate the sales activities their reps complete on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Once you have access to this information, you’ll be able to determine why your reps achieve the results they do. Their poor performance may be due to a lack of effort. They may be using the wrong channels. They may need better training.

When you know how your reps spend their time, you can better coach them to success. You can also adjust your sales strategy to accommodate the real-world results you see.

At the end of the day, the best sales tracking apps will give you access to data, which you can use to empower your team, close more deals, and generate more success for your company.


Why You Should Invest In Sales Tracking Software

We’ve already alluded to some of the benefits of sales tracking software. But this kind of tool can totally supercharge your sales department, so we want to make sure we do the topic justice. Here are three reasons why your sales team should invest in a sales tracking app:

  • Productivity: You could track sales activities via a spreadsheet. But that would require a mountain of work, which you don’t have time for. Sales tracking software will do it for you automatically, drastically reducing the amount of time you spend on this task.
  • Visibility: You know the saying, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Sales tracking apps will give you visibility into your sales pipeline. You can use this visibility to monitor progress, identify roadblocks, and otherwise manage your team effectively.
  • More Sales: Ultimately, sales tracking software will help you and your team close more deals. How so? It’s simple: you’ll know which activities produce positive results and which don’t. You can then do more of the former and less of the latter.


What To Look For In A Sales Tracking App

You know that you need to invest in sales tracking software. But a quick Google search will turn up a ton of options. Which one should you choose? We’ll cover specific solutions in the next section of this article. First, let’s talk about key features your app of choice should have:


Sales Prospecting

You can’t make sales without leads. Meeting potential buyers can take time and effort. In fact, more than 40% of salespeople say prospecting is the hardest part of their jobs. The best sales tracking apps will help your reps generate leads. That way, they always have quality buyers to pitch products to. When that happens, your team’s close rate will skyrocket—guaranteed.


Pipeline Management

As mentioned earlier, sales tracking software will give you visibility into your department’s pipeline, which is a HUGE advantage. When you know how many leads your team has and where each of them is in the sales process, you can help your reps prioritize the right prospects, pinpoint potential issues, and forecast future sales more accurately.


Location Tracking

Do you manage a field sales team? Then, your reps spend the majority of their time outside the office. This can make your job tough—unless your sales tracking app includes geolocation features, of course. Invest in an app with location tracking so that you always know where your reps are and can evaluate their performance with greater clarity.


Activity Tracking

Your sales tracking app should tell you exactly what your reps do to make sales. Who do they contact? How do they contact them? And how often do they send these people messages? It’s way easier to build winning sales strategies and predict results when you know how your reps spend their time and how likely these efforts are to close deals in the future.


Task Automation

Any sales tracking software worth its salt will include automation features. Pick a tool that will automatically track mileage for your reps. Or log the prospect interactions they have in real-time. Or send email and text messages to potential customers at predetermined times. The best sales tracking apps eliminate menial tasks and help reps close more deals. Win!


Performance Reporting

Do yourself a favor and invest in sales tracking software that will simplify the performance reporting process for you. Your tool of choice should allow you to select the KPIs you care about and build custom reports that only include these metrics. It should also allow you to save reports so that you can generate them again in the future with the click of a button.


10 Best Sales Tracking Apps For Field Sales Teams


G2 rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
Best for: Field sales tracking

SPOTIO is a one-stop shop for field sales teams. Want to generate leads? Build multi-channel sales sequences? Automate menial tasks? Create custom reports that only include the specific metrics you care about. You can do all of these things and more with our platform.

Key features:

  • Generate qualified leads with a few clicks of your mouse (or taps of your thumb)
  • Get a complete view of your sales pipeline and forecast future sales with accuracy
  • Cut territories based on geographical boundaries or by drawing on a digital map
  • Know where your reps are and which sales activities they complete at all times
  • Receive call and visit reminders and send email and text messages on autopilot
  • Automate data capture and tasks and boost rep productivity by as much as 46%
  • Gamify the sales process with leaderboards that motivate your reps to achieve more
  • Build custom reports that include any KPI you want—and none of the ones you don’t
  • Access all of SPOTIO’s top features on a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Integrate SPOTIO with every other sales tool you use, either natively or via Zapier
  • AI and automation sales tools to increase your team’s productivity levels and close rates.

What customers are saying:

“I like the way I can track my employee’s time in the field and see real-time results. Additionally, I like the ease of use for my in-the-field agents. Quick and simple training time turnarounds. Easy enough that some of my older, non-technical employees quickly understood how to use the software.” – Troy D. | G2 Reviewer

“I absolutely love how easily you can access information that has been entered into the application. We can always rely on the program to make sure the lead information we have on file is accurate.” – Dan B. | Capterra Reviewer


2. HubSpot

G2 rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
Best for: SaaS companies

The HubSpot platform is extremely popular in sales, marketing, and customer success circles. Why? Because this software is easy to use and powerful. Just know that the premium addition carries a hefty price tag, so it’s generally best for established companies rather than startups.

Key features:

  • Store all of your company’s leads, prospects, and current customers in one place
  • Help your reps connect with buyers via the phone or automated email sequences
  • Know which of your leads is closest to a sale with comprehensive pipeline views
  • Automate tasks, like updating properties and sending emails, to boost productivity
  • Access deep analytics that help you understand and improve team performance
  • Integrate HubSpot with a host of popular sales applications, such as SPOTIO

What customers are saying:

“HubSpot Sales Hub helps us manage all of our sales operations and automate workflows, which helps us do more with less. It’s easy to use, the deployment is quick, and the results are powerful.” – Simon L. | G2 Reviewer

“Hubspot keeps all of our customers and leads organized in a way the whole company can understand. Super easy to go in and see who still needs an appointment, who isn’t interested anymore, who has signed a contract, etc.” – Amber M. | Capterra Reviewer


3. Salesforce Sales Cloud

G2 rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars
Best for: Enterprise organizations

Salesforce Sales Cloud is another top sales tracking app. With it, users can manage contacts, visualize pipelines, automate tasks, and generate detailed reports. But like the HubSpot solution we discussed, Salesforce might be too expensive for some small businesses.

Key features:

  • Store all of the contact information you collect in one convenient location
  • Connect with buyers via multiple channels and create an integrated experience
  • Enjoy automatic lead scoring to ensure your reps connect with the right leads
  • Completely automate and/or simplify everyday tasks to boost team productivity
  • Access deep analytics to evaluate sales performance and forecast future sales
  • Integrate Salesforce Sales Cloud with SPOTIO and many other top sales tools

What customers are saying:

“It provides a wide range of features and functionality for Sales Teams for lead and opportunity management, sales automation, analytics and allows organizations to manage their entire sales process in one platform.” – G2 Reviewer

“I like that it can help us get our sales department more organized, that it’s easy to use, and that I can save all of my leads in one place. Furthermore, because of Salesforce’s popularity and scale, virtually every other tool or piece of software exists or is in the process of developing integration with Salesforce.” – Catherine | SoftwareAdvice Reviewer


4. Nutshell

G2 rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
Best for: Tech-averse sales teams

Nutshell wants to minimize the stress your sales team feels on a daily basis. How does it attempt to do this? It is a simple software program that you can use to manage contacts, track pipelines, automate tasks, report on individual and team performance, and more.

Key features:

  • Build custom web forms to collect new leads for your sales department
  • Choose one of four views to manage prospects: list, map, chart, or board
  • Create automated email sequences to connect with leads more consistently
  • Reduce non-selling activities with automation and boost reps’ productivity
  • Track sales activities for each of your reps to properly assess performance
  • Generate a host of different sales reports to evaluate your sales strategy

What customers are saying:

“The system is easy to navigate… I’m able to know which customers I have already reached out to this season and which customers have purchased our product in previous years and adjust my sales approach accordingly. The automated email sequence is also great for continuing contact with minimum effort on my part!” – Allie G. | G2 Reviewer

“Easy and simple to set up and maintain. Very powerful and effective in turning our chaotic spreadsheets and inconsistent behaviors into a well-oiled machine.” – Andrew B. | Capterra Reviewer


5. LeadSquared

G2 rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars
Best for: Automation capabilities

LeadSquared helps sales teams manage contacts, communicate with prospects, and report on rep performance. And because it includes a functional mobile app, it’s a viable option for field sales teams—something that many other sales tracking tools on this list can’t claim.

Key features:

  • Manage your sales team’s contact information from one central location
  • Boost productivity by automating tedious tasks, like sending follow-up emails
  • Allow field sales reps to access important prospect information via the mobile app
  • Track check-ins and check-outs and otherwise keep tabs on your reps in the field
  • Understand which leads are closest to conversion so your reps can prioritize them
  • Build a variety of different reports to streamline your sales performance evaluations

What customers are saying:

“I can schedule reminders, automate emails and follow-ups, and I can track all the stages of my leads, which is very efficient, as it takes literally not even a minute. It has helped me get maximum output with optimized efforts.” – Yogesh H. | G2 Reviewer

“Leadsquared helps to capture leads very effectively from different sources, and lead distribution is also very useful. We could clearly track the call report of the telesales team very effectively and could monitor them. We could analyze the lead stages also.” – Preetha P. | Capterra Reviewer


6. Zoho CRM

G2 rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Best for: Zoho enthusiasts

Zoho is a powerful software suite that gives businesses the tools they need to connect with potential buyers, sell products and services, and succeed with customer success initiatives. One such tool is Zoho CRM, which includes many features your sales tracking app needs. It’s especially beneficial for folks who already use Zoho products on a regular basis.

Key features:

  • Build web forms and capture leads on your website—no coding required
  • Communicate with your contacts across all channels from one platform
  • Easily automate sales routines, email sequences, and individual tasks
  • Track individual and team sales performance using 40+ pre-built reports
  • Reward reps with digital badges and trophies to help keep them motivated
  • Integrate Zoho CRM with many different sales tools, including SPOTIO

What customers are saying:

“It provides an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution for organizing all our leads and tracking performance over time. The Opportunities section allows me to organize my tasks at a glance with its Kanban view, while the reporting function provides real insights that allow us to prepare effectively for upcoming periods.” – Gerald “G” J. | G2 Reviewer

“What I liked most about Zoho CRM was its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It allows you to manage contacts, accounts, and opportunities in a very simple way. Its clean and minimalist design makes it very efficient to navigate between the different functionalities.” – Cristian | SoftwareAdvice Reviewer


7. Ringy

G2 rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars
Best for: Digital communication

Next up, Ringy, formerly known as iSales. This sales tracking software is chock full of handy features, which you can use to quickly score leads, track rep activities, manage your department’s pipeline, communicate with prospects, and even automate menial tasks.

Key features:

  • Organize your leads and gain complete visibility into your sales opportunities
  • Call prospects on the phone or send them automated emails and text messages
  • View communication histories with each prospect to help increase conversions
  • Eliminate many repetitive tasks from your workflow and improve rep productivity
  • Track sales performance by generating easy-to-read reports on all sales activities
  • Hit the road with the Ringy mobile app and communicate with prospects from afar

What customers are saying:

“The follow-up process and the pipeline feature. I’m able to call more leads with the pipeline feature and connect with more leads. Also, adding a vendor to Ringy is very simple.” – Andrew S. | G2 Reviewer

“I utilize [Ringy] daily to capture and qualify leads. I like the drip marketing feature and the fact that it allows me to work smarter, not harder. [Ringy] is like having another set of eyes and ears on my leads so that none fall through the cracks.” – Alicia C. | Capterra Reviewer


8. SalesRabbit

G2 rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Best for: Cash-strapped field sellers

The SalesRabbit platform was built with field sales teams in mind. As such, this sales tracking app includes lead generation, pipeline management, and analytics features that field sellers can use to close more deals. While it might not be as powerful as a tool like SPOTIO, it sports an entry-level price point, which makes it a solid option for field sales teams on a tight budget.

Key features:

  • Use artificial intelligence to help your reps pinpoint quality leads in less time
  • Store and organize leads via mobile app so reps can access them in the field
  • Map sales territories, assign them to reps, and monitor the performance of each
  • Quickly create winning proposals that help reps close more deals in less time
  • Track rep locations, key metrics, and individual performance inside the platform

What customers are saying:

“I love the ability to see clients that have been talked to, have declined, have been inspected, are under contract, or just hate solicitors.” – Shawn W. | G2 Reviewer

“I can see our field representatives’ current location in real-time thanks to the GPS tracking feature. This has been very helpful in making sure that our representatives are going to the right places and using their time in the field to the fullest.” – Letlet G. | Capterra Reviewer


9. Daily Sales Record

G2 rating: N/A
Best for: Small businesses

Daily Sales Record is one of the simplest sales tracking apps on the market, which makes it ideal for small businesses that don’t have the funds for large, expensive pieces of software—or the desire to learn how to use them. It offers basic features for a stellar price.

Key features:

  • Keep your customer data in one place and access it from any of your devices
  • Watch all of your products to understand which sell the best and which lag behind
  • Create, send, and monitor your invoices so that you always know your cash flow
  • Generate sales reports to track progress, then export them to PDF, Text, or Excel

What customers are saying:

“Easy to track sales, track inventories, and view reports & analytics. I can also add multiple stores, which is a game-changer for me.” – Mohammed E. | Capterra Reviewer


10. Gong.io

G2 rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars
Best for: Detailed sales data

Gong will give you strategic insights you can use to understand conversion data and make more sales. It does this by recording the interactions your sales team has with customers across a wide array of platforms and then analyzing said interactions with AI to draw conclusions.

Key features:

  • Track every sales interaction your reps have, from phone calls to emails and more
  • Use AI to quickly analyze your reps’ interactions and discover what drives conversion
  • Deliver personalized guidance to your reps and help them close more deals faster
  • Take the guesswork out of forecasting and predict future sales with greater accuracy
  • Build data-backed reports that automatically sync with and update your CRM of choice
  • Integrate Gong with all of your team’s tools, from CRM solutions to calendar apps

What customers are saying:

“Their dashboard is much easier to read and collaborate on than any report in Salesforce. Gong gives both our sales reps and our sales leaders more immediate visibility into our sales pipeline and instantly helps find gaps, so you can manage deals more efficiently and effectively.” – Kristi F. | G2 Reviewer

“I love that Gong automatically records, transcribes, and coaches each call. It is super intuitive and is great for self-review, peer review, and coaching. I love that it’s super easy to share segments of calls for review, collaboration, and feedback. The mobile app is super user friendly and makes it easy to record in-person meetings as well.” – Capterra Reviewer


Master Field Sales Management With SPOTIO’s Sales Tracking App

Your field sales team needs a quality sales tracking app.

Fortunately, after reading this article, you have a bunch of good options. You just need to research each one in more depth then pick the tool that fits your team’s unique workflows.

Or you could just get SPOTIO! Our platform was specifically designed for field sales purposes. Because of that, it has every feature you need to generate leads, manage pipelines, and track sales. Sign up for a free demo of SPOTIO today for more information.