Direct Sales Software

11 Best Direct Sales Software For 2023

You need direct selling software if you work in the direct sales industry. The question is, which of these apps should you invest in? There are quite a few of them! In this article, we’ll help you answer that question by analyzing 11 of the top direct sales tools available

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Medical Device Sales

Medical Device Sales: 9 Strategies for Success in 2023

The medical field is growing. The OECD recently said that spending on healthcare across the globe is now 8.8% of GDP. Furthermore, the organization predicts it will outpace the GDP by 2030. This is great news for those in medtech sales! But to truly capitalize on this growth, you must ensure

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Home Improvement Sales

10 Steps to Boost Home Improvement Sales Volume in 2023

The home improvement industry has been on a hot streak for the last couple of years. According to Zippia, 76% of American homeowners did a home improvement project in 2020. Then they spent a combined $538 billion at home improvement stores in 2021. In other words, home remodeling is a

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