Sales Enablement Best Practices Expert Roundup

18 Experts Share Top Sales Enablement Best Practices

The B2B landscape has changed…a lot. The traditional sales process used to look something like this: 1. Marketing would hand leads over to the sales team 2. The sales team would try to close the deal The two departments operated in silos. And, while this simplistic “us vs them” mentality used to work, it doesn’t anymore. Today,…

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7 Ways To Drastically Reduce Your Sales Cycle

Reducing the length of your sales cycle is vital in order to positively impact your ROI. The faster you get deals through the pipeline, the more opportunities your reps can work on… increasing the number of possible closes. Below are some tips and techniques on how to shorten your sales cycle and get to more…

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16 Sales Competencies That Define Winning Sales Teams

Employee turnover is expensive. Hiring the best sales professionals is crucial for organizations. Excellent sales candidates will have a specific set of core sales competencies. It is the manager’s job to uncover these competencies in the interview process. What makes a great sales candidate? Sales competencies for sales professionals are shared across the sales team…

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