Customer Story

Setting more appointments, more easily, because of SPOTIO.

ES Solar has complete clarity into leads and accounts, and they’re able to better track performance numbers.

Change Impacted:
Sales were up 65% last year. As for Q1 of 2021, they're ahead of their Q1 2020 gross sales number by 116%.
Key Integrations:

Customer Overview

ES Solar are solar experts who understand your reasons for choosing renewable energy. They give you information without pressure. Working with ES Solar, you will learn why solar power is gaining popularity, why it’s beneficial for your home (and your budget) and why they are the fastest growing solar company. 

The Challenge

The way ES Solar canvasses requires full team visibility into every territory and potential account. All of their 100+ canvassers and reps work in a couple cities at a time, together, until that territory is fully saturated. Because of their full court press canvassing style, it’s crucial for their team to have full access, visibility, and see the history of each pin.

With more than 100 canvassers and sales reps going door to door in the same area, their previous software was unable to handle the amount of data contained in each pin and the ever increasing number of pins dropped.

So, they set out to find a solution that was able to handle their canvassing strategy. 

How SPOTIO Helped

ES Solar needed a solution that was reliable, stable, and able to handle large amounts of data. SPOTIO has allowed this with no limits.

Because of the app’s reliability and the unlimited amount of information each pin can handle, ES Solar can now canvass the way they like to; in unison, without having to worry about stepping on each other’s toes.

In addition to pin management, the ES Solar team has benefited from SPOTIO Lead Links and document management features. Now the team is armed with all the information and collateral they need in order to turn prospects into wins. 

“No provider is a better fit for the way we canvass.”

The Result

Not only are they setting more appointments, but they’re doing so more easily because of SPOTIO. 

Along with a more streamlined workday, ES Solar also now has complete clarity into lead and account history, they’re able to better track performance numbers, and most importantly, the SPOTIO app has given them the ability to canvass the way they want to and fully saturate every territory, as a team.

“Sales were up 65% last year. As for Q1 of 2021, we’re ahead of our Q1 2020 gross sales number by 116%.”