Customer Story

Trinity Solar

Increased visibility for managers and intuitive functionality for reps

Change Impacted:
SPOTIO kept Trinity focused and allowed them to be productive in literally the worst selling environment that we’ve ever experienced.
Key Integrations:

Customer Overview

Founded in 1994, Trinity Solar is the largest privately held residential solar company in the United States. They believe that solar is the most practical form of renewable energy on the planet and seek to make it accessible to as many people as possible. 

Trinity’s sales team is broken down into three divisions: Appointment Setters, Closers and Appointment Setters, and pure Closers.

The Challenge

Trinity is no stranger to sales software. Being well-versed in the options available, they weren’t satisfied with what the alternatives offered. Previously utilizing one of SPOTIO’s competitors – which shall remain nameless – VP of Direct Sales Lance Rich concluded that their current software just wasn’t getting the job done. It lacked basic functionality and the flexibility they were really looking for. 

Usability and support were huge problems with their prior software. So much so that it was starting to affect their bottom line. Lance said, “it was extremely clunky, data was inaccurate, it was just…it was awful.”

How SPOTIO Helped

With SPOTIO, Lance and his team were able to create reports that worked really well, giving managers instant clarity into what activities were actually happening in the field. SPOTIO is more reliable, actually works in the field, and requires less data usage.

“SPOTIO is intuitive, offers unmatched support, and provides management with visibility. I would have been very concerned about our performance without it.”

For reps, SPOTIO offers capabilities and support while they’re out in the field. For managers, SPOTIO gives Trinity data and insight in order to assess rep’s performance in the field.

The Results

Given the nature of how COVID impacted outside sales last year, reps didn’t need another thing to worry about such as their software not working, not having the support, or being unable to do what they need to do such as keeping track of their notes.

SPOTIO was instrumental in helping their team maintain focus in the field while trying to navigate selling during a pandemic. Throughout the whole COVID situation, SPOTIO kept Trinity focused and allowed them to be productive in literally the worst selling environment that we’ve ever experienced.

For those concerned with the pains associated with the implementation and user adoption that often hinders those from trying new technology, you need not worry.

“It was literally the best roll out we’ve had. You’re not going to find a platform out there that’s easier to use, offers more support, or gives managers more insight and control. SPOTIO’s a no brainer.”