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Storm Guard Roofing & Construction

Improving productivity through visibility

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"SPOTIO is awesome. It’s easy to use. And I guarantee you that it is worth the money."
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Since 2003, Storm Guard Roofing & Construction has specialized in exterior restoration, including roofing, siding, windows, gutters, painting, and emergency tarping services. Their team of professionals strive to provide our clients with the utmost in quality construction and insurance expertise.

Video Transcription:

Shane Lynch: Storm Guard is a national brand for roofing and construction.  We really specialize in reroofing homes and businesses that have suffered hail damage and wind damage.  But of course, we also just do regular retail sales.

Rob Kuzy: SPOTIO was our second tool that we used.  There was a tool that came before that which you know at that point was effective, but only as affective as your ability to take good notes and also have those notes in a situation that somebody else at some later date would be able to find them and use and take advantage of them.  Which unfortunately was as often as we’d like it to be.

Shane Lynch: It’s important to us that we find a solution that will work for everyone.  That is easy to use.  And so that is actually why we chose SPOTIO.  The GUI is great; you just look at it.  It’s very intuitive.

Kevin Brauer: Once you understood how to do a pin and identify the colors of the pins.  And change them so we could identify what steps each spot was in. Yeah, it really wasn’t a terribly difficult version.

Rob Kuzy: But the big improvement for us as a company has been our sales manager’s ability to know where everyone’s at.  What stage of all of the work is at.  Where does he potentially need to step in and help?  It’s really helped him to be able to kind of get a finger on the pulse of where does he need to be.

Kevin Brauer: It’s given us the visibility to know what doors we need to re-knock.  And it gives us the ability to track our results.  We were always successful even before SPOTIO came around.  What SPOTIO has done is has allowed us to see where those successes were and multiply on them.

Shane Lynch: SPOTIO is awesome.  It’s easy to use.  And I guarantee you that it is worth the money.

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