35 Best Apps for Field Sales Reps in 2018 (By Category)

If you’re running a top-performing sales organization, your sales reps are on the go by design. Salespeople are the perfect candidates to take advantage of the productivity benefits offered by mobile sales tools. With a plethora of apps for sales professionals on the market, it’s hard to know which ones are best suited for you...

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Salespeople in their territories

The Complete Guide to Sales Territory Mapping

There’s a lot of strategy and leg-work that goes into proper sales territory mapping. This is a crucial part in setting your team up for success. It can be a tedious process, but it’s necessary to ensure your team is canvassing the right area and not just going in blindly. The Old School Approach to...

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26 No BS Interviews Questions to Ask When Hiring a Sales Manager

Personal Interview Questions for Sales Managers Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? Why do you want to be a sales manager? Can you describe a past incentive that motivated you? What qualities make you good at sales? How about management? What area challenged you the most in sales and how did you...

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Sales Prospecting Playbook (with Techniques, Tools & Examples)

Think about it — who’s coming home richer at the end of the day? The person panning aimlessly in a random river, or the wily expert with data on the most profitable rivers, equipment, and techniques? Panning and prospecting have a lot in common. You start the day with a blank slate, and go in...

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Businesswoman trying to pulling to the maximum energy value. Concept business vector illustration. Flat design style.

16 Ways Reps Can Stay Organized (and Spend More Time Selling)

Here are 16 ways salesman can stay more organized (and sell more): Reduce Administrative Tasks Route Planning Qualify Prospects Automation Stop Procrastinating Learn to Say No Dial in The Process Ride the Momentum Avoid The Urge to Multitask Manage Your Inbox Eliminate Distractions Create Your To-Do List The Night Before Use Time Blocks 80/20 Rule...

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7 Step Guide to Building a Profitable Sales Territory Plan (with Examples)

Sales organizations are more challenged than ever with a connected world, complex offerings, and what seems like an endless world of prospects. Without a strong sales territory plan, sales teams may feel all over the place, and as a result may not be producing the best results for your customers or your organization. If you’re...

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FI_Outside Sales: The Complete Guide for 2018

Outside Sales: The Complete Guide for 2018

With outfit pressed and hair coiffed, it’s time to set out into the field to meet with prospective clients. Being the face of the product/service makes the role of an outside salesperson an important one. This face-to-face interaction is what sets outside sales apart from their inside selling counterparts. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll talk...

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118 Eye-Opening Sales Statistics for 2018 (By Category)

The buyer’s journey has changed. With the internet at our fingertips, consumer’s have the ability to research and compare solutions like no generation before. They also have access to mountains of user generated content like peer reviews – which are trusted nearly as much as referrals. More empowered buyers has resulted in longer sales cycles....

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Sales Lead Gen Funnel

Turning Your Lead Generation Efforts on Autopilot – The Complete Guide to Lead Nurturing

A strong and well established lead funnel is vital to the success of a sales process. Not only do sales funnels provide visibility, they also establish a process that holds each rep accountable and ensures they’re properly funneling through the sales cycle. The result? An organized and proven process that will guide everyone to closing...

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