27 Sales Management Tools for Growing Field Sales Teams

Field Sales Account Management


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Sales management is one of the most critical roles in a sales organization. Sales leaders oversee the entire sales cycle, ensuring all tools, processes, and people work together toward a common sales target.

As deals progress through the sales cycle, the manager ensures all players have what they need and are on track. Sales management also provides feedback and training to the entire sales team, helping to ensure everyone is on the same page and doing their best. They take an active role in leading the team to success and motivating them to reach their goals.

Many sales management and productivity tools are available to support managers. These tools provide sales leaders with features like real-time visibility, territory mapping, and sales process management capabilities to optimize sales performance and drive results.

In this article, we’ll introduce 27 sales manager tools to help you be more productive and better prepare your reps for success.


What is the Role of the Sales Manager?

Team leaders are critical in driving business growth by leading a team of sales representatives. Sales management manages and supports their team and ensures their reps are well-equipped to succeed. Their duties include setting sales targets, analyzing sales data, and developing sales strategies.

Managers are also responsible for maintaining effective customer relationships. Sales leaders monitor customer feedback, provide feedback and recognition to their team, and provide guidance and support when needed.

The role and function of the field sales manager can be divided into four categories:

  • People Manager: Motivating employees, training them, and resolving conflicts
  • Customer Manager: Understanding customer needs and targeting
  • Process Manager: Implementing and enforcing effective processes
  • Performance Manager: Monitoring analytics and tracking performance

The sales manager’s core responsibilities ensure that all aspects of the sales process run smoothly and produce results.


The 27 Best Tools for Field Sales Managers


#1: SPOTIO Territory Manager

SPOTIO territory management feature

Functions: People. Performance.

SPOTIO is ranked #1 in the Field Sales category and was a 2023 G2 Best Software Winner. SPOTIO’s Territory Manager allows sales management to lead their teams more efficiently and accurately while achieving the highest possible contact rate.

This sales management tool enables the creation of territories based on ZIP Codes or a few targeted streets in a specific neighborhood. Territories can be assigned to individual sales reps, minimizing the time spent searching for the perfect neighborhood or business to prospect.

Working and reworking a territory is the key to reaping maximum benefits. SPOTIO Territory Manager also provides historical data, giving sales management the background and insights they need to coach their sales team to success.

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#2: Sales Cloud by Salesforce

Sales Cloud By Salesforce


Functions: Customer, Process, Performance

Sales Cloud, built on the Salesforce platform, is a modern cloud application for managing your entire sales process. Sales Cloud lets sales teams connect customer touchpoints across multiple systems, apps, and departments, giving a single view of the customer. The AI features automatically capture data, revealing instant insights and allowing managers to proactively coach reps to win with predictive sales forecasting. Prioritizing customer privacy, the platform offers a set of controls to manage the lifecycle of customer data and track end users’ preferences and consent.

Five pricing plans are available:

  • Starter Suite | $25/month/user
  • Professional | $80/month/user
  • Enterprise | $160/month/user
  • Unlimited | $330/month/user
  • Einstein 1 Sales | $500/month/user


#3: Process Street

Process Street

Functions: People, Process.

Process Street is a simple tool for documenting a sales team’s recurring checklists and procedures. Users can quickly create and assign checklist workflows using a drag-and-drop interface, intuitive keyboard shortcuts, collaborative workflows, and forms to capture structured data. Sales management can track activity from the dashboard and receive notifications when tasks are complete.

Three pricing plans are available:

  • Startup | $100/month
  • Pro | $1,500/month
  • Enterprise | Contact for Details


#4: Sales Intelligence by SPOTIO

Lead Machine by SPOTIO

Functions: People, Customer, Process

SPOTIO’s Sales Intelligence offering, Lead Machine, is a one-stop shop for identifying strong leads, managing sales cycles, and canvassing territories based on reliable, up-to-date data. Lead Machine empowers residential sales teams to work more effectively and close more sales by targeting the best leads within a chosen territory.

Taking advantage of Lead Machine is simple. Draw your desired target area, establish an ideal customer profile (sort by income, home square footage, credit capacity of homeowner, etc.), and once your target area and prospects have been identified, simply import those ‘best match’ leads and start selling.

For those going after businesses and corporations, SPOTIO’s integration with Google Places makes it easy for reps to find, filter, and target businesses in their territory. Simplify the process by searching for all restaurants and retail stores in an area and then routing the best path to get there.

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#5: Xceleration


Functions: People, Performance.

Xceleration is a web-based platform for sales management that offers the rewards, motivation, and knowledge necessary to create effective sales incentive programs. Xceleration’s RewardStation® platform can manage every aspect of a sales recognition program, including day-to-day maintenance, comprehensive reporting and analytics, and rewards fulfillment. Xceleration allows users to design recognition solutions and reward options specifically tailored to each unique organization.

For pricing, contact Xceleration.


#6: Hoopla by Raydiant

Hoopla by Raydiant

Functions: People, Performance.

Raydiant believes the number one way to engage today’s employees is with transparency and appreciation. Formerly known as Hoopla, Raydiant’s experience platform provides sales management with the means to communicate across the entire organization, creating engaged and motivated individuals and sales teams. Using features like live leaderboards, gamification, and advanced recognition capabilities, managers can motivate employees with real-time positive feedback. Task management features get sales reps on the same page, clarifying expectations and responsibilities.

For pricing, contact Raydiant.


#7: My Reports by SPOTIO

SPOTIO's My Reports feature

Functions: People, Process, Performance

SPOTIO’s My Reports feature gives account owners, sales management, and sales reps the data they need to make the best decisions. With this tool, you can create custom reports based on metrics such as activities, stages, visits, territories, teams, or individual reps.

To set up a report, simply name it, define the date range and category, and drag and drop the KPIs you wish to view — it’s that simple. You can save your report as a template for future reports and access and share reports from your desktop, laptop, or SPOTIO’s field sales app.

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#8: Brainshark


Functions: People, Process

Brainshark provides a comprehensive sales enablement and readiness platform, including features for onboarding, product launches, new markets, and competitive news. The sales training feature allows managers to deliver formal readiness paths for onboarding, provide learning content, and track progress. Brainshark’s content authoring solutions allow sales management to create video-based learning content, add interactivity with quizzes or attachments, and ensure content is always up-to-date and accessible.

For pricing information, see the Brainshark website.


#9: SPOTIO Sales Activity Management

SPOTIO sales activity management screenshot

Functions: People, Customer, Process, Performance

SPOTIO’s Sales Activity Management simplifies field sales management. The tool gives managers the insights they need to identify bottlenecks in the sales pipeline, evaluate rep performance by specific metrics, and gauge the amount of activity required to hit targets. It easily integrates with most ERP, project management, and CRM software to streamline internal processes.

With this tool, you can see where reps are in real time, track their travel history, and verify visits. You can also use it to set up AutoPlays — just define the cadence for contacting leads and customers, and SPOTIO will remind reps. They can communicate by email, text, or phone from within the SPOTIO platform. SPOTIO automatically logs a record of all communication, syncing it to your CRM software.

With SPOTIO’s analytics, managers can evaluate which types of contact are most effective for building customer relationships and troubleshoot any engagement drops.

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#10: ReferenceEdge


Function: Customer

ReferenceEdge is a native Salesforce application that manages customer reference and advocate information and automates the reference request workflow. Users can track references, attributes, and frequency of use and issue and redeem reward points for completed referral activities. Sales management can measure program impact through extensive reports and dashboard charts, improve sales and marketing efficiency, shorten the “quote to cash” cycle, and win more deals.

For pricing information, contact Point of Reference.


#11: Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Functions: Customer, Performance

Zoho CRM empowers sales management to enhance relationships and track performance metrics. With advanced features like lead management, marketing automation, and multichannel forecasting, Zoho CRM enables a comprehensive understanding of customer needs and sales dynamics.
The platform also supports performance management through real-time analytics and reporting, helping sales management optimize strategies and improve overall sales efficiency. These integrated sales management features make it an essential tool for managing customer interactions and monitoring sales outcomes.

Four pricing plans are available:

  • Standard | $14/month/user
  • Professional | $23/month/user
  • Enterprise | $40/month/user
  • Ultimate | $52/month/user


#12: Factiva


Function: Customer

Dow Jones’ Factiva will appeal to sales management that prioritizes a global perspective or wishes to track prospect-specific news. Its global database of over 33,000 premium sources — including licensed publications, influential websites, blogs, images, and video — enables users to analyze and forecast data, improve sentiment analysis, uncover hidden connections, and enrich data visualizations.

The new streamlined Factiva experience incorporates a powerful research platform on mobile devices or integrated via advanced feeds and APIs. Identify opportunities with competitive intelligence and media monitoring.

For pricing information, submit the Factiva contact form.


#13: Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect

Functions: People, Process

Sales management can use Adobe Connect to create digital training, webinars, and collaborative experiences tailored to your sales needs. It offers tools for building interactive learning experiences and engaging micro-sites, complete with customizable content management and engagement analytics.

Additionally, managers can bring their teams together using virtual rooms that can be personalized with unique layouts, branding elements, and dedicated URLs, fostering a cohesive and branded communication experience. These features make Adobe Connect an ideal tool for enhancing educational initiatives and process efficiencies.

Three pricing plans are available, with optional add-ons available:

  • Standard | $190/year/host
  • Premium | $290/year/host
  • Enterprise | $390/year/host


#14: Rep Tracking by SPOTIO

SPOTIO sales rep tracker

Function: People, Customer, Process, Performance

SPOTIO rep tracking allows sales management to track their sales team in real-time to ensure reps complete territory assignments. SPOTIO’s location verification tool tags each rep’s location as pins are dropped to show:

  • Verified: Confirms the sales rep was within a 300-foot (100-yard) radius of the address of a dropped pin
  • Unverified: Sales rep was not within the 300-foot radius

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#15: Zoomforth


Function: Customer

Zoomforth is a visual communication tool that helps sales reps create immersive, personalized content to propel the buyer’s journey forward. Present your case clearly and visually, all in one place, with branded microsites that eliminate disconnected email messaging. Sales management can identify what prospects are looking at, what they may have missed, and how they engage so reps can better assist them. With Zoomforth, you can streamline the buying experience, build client relationships, and improve team productivity by allowing reps to spend less time on administrative tasks and focus more on selling.

For more information, including pricing, see the Zoomforth website.


#16: e-Contracts by SPOTIO

Functions: Customer. Process.

Functions: Customer, Process

SPOTIO e-Contracts gives field sales reps immediate access to the files they need when they need them. Users can close deals on the spot, without emailing files back and forth to get contracts signed. Reps can take pictures onsite and access needed files, such as product spec sheets and presentations. What’s more, sales management can track their team’s contract documents in one platform.

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#17: Proposify


Functions: Customer, Process

Proposify streamlines the creation of quotes, contracts, and other sales documents. Sales teams can quickly access and collaborate on proposal content while sales management oversees activity with roles and permissions, commenting, and tracking through version history. In addition, Proposify notifies sales teams every time the client interacts with the proposal, from opening the email to closing the deal.

Two pricing plans are available:

  • Team | $49/month/user
  • Business | Contact sales.


#18: Slack


Functions: People, Process

Slack helps sales teams work smarter with cross-functional partners. Sales management can set up public channels to improve visibility between sales, marketing, product, and support teams, making it easier for all groups to work toward the same goals.

Sales team leaders can use Slack to boost morale by announcing closing deals and congratulating contributors across distributed teams and offices. Sales management and reps alike can share the context behind deals, like challenges and lessons, so everyone can grow together.

Four pricing plans are available:

  • Free
  • Pro | $7.25/month/user
  • Business+ | $12.50/month/user
  • Enterprise Grid | Contact sales.


#19: QuickVoice


QuickVoice by nFinity is an audio recording solution designed for iPad that is also compatible with Windows computers. Both sales management and reps can use QuickVoice to record memos, dictation, reminders, ideas, “to-do” lists, meetings, phone conferences, interviews, entire lectures, or seminars. Users can drag and drop recordings into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other audio-supporting programs.

See the nFinity website for pricing information.


#20: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Functions: People, Process

Microsft Teams helps sales teams stay connected using instant messaging, video and audio chat, and collaborative online meetings. Managers can use Teams in many ways to stay in touch with their sales reps and keep them connected. With one click, anyone can join an online meeting from any device. Users can meet immediately or schedule for later, with meeting URLs personalized for each user.

Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365. A Teams-only plan is available, or you can choose from several Office 365 business plans. For more information, see the Microsoft Teams website.


#21: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Functions: People, Process, Customer

LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes social selling easy with sales tools that focus on helping reps find the right prospects to build trusted relationships. Sales management can scale their social selling strategies and start using their sales team’s network. Choose individuals/organizations that you want to approach, and Sales Navigator will suggest other profiles that are similar to your choice. As a result, you learn about organizations you weren’t aware of, expanding your potential opportunity pool.


#22: Gong



Functions: People, Customer, Performance

Gong is a powerful sales management tool for capturing and analyzing sales conversations, phone calls, web conferences, and emails. Using advanced AI technology, Gong uncovers patterns and insights to reveal what’s working, what’s not, and how high-performing sales reps communicate. Analysis helps identify effective communication practices that managers can use to boost sales team performance. Gong enables sales teams to refine their approaches, ensuring alignment with proven methods that drive sales success and improve customer interactions.

For a customized pricing proposal, see the Gong website.


#23: ExecVision


Functions: People, Customer, Performance

ExecVision is conversation intelligence software that equips sales management to efficiently coach and enhance their teams on a scalable level, significantly boosting performance and driving revenue growth. Using AI, managers can gain critical insight into why some calls go well while others do not. The tool facilitates sales rep evaluations to determine if reps are asking the right questions and adhering to best practices. Sales management can use these insights to implement targeted coaching and strategic guidance, optimizing team performance and customer interactions to achieve better outcomes.

For pricing information, contact ExecVision.


#24: Showpad

Function: People

Showpad eOS® is a comprehensive platform for streamlining training, onboarding, and coaching processes within sales teams, equipped with full e-learning capabilities and video role-playing technology. The software allows sales management to craft and monitor a skill development plan, ensuring their reps achieve necessary milestones and continuously improve performance. Showpad’s integrated coaching system has three core components:

  • Training: Structured learning modules to enhance knowledge and skills
  • Coaching: Personalized feedback and development sessions
  • Conversational Intelligence: Tools to analyze and improve sales conversations

Showpad eOS® has two main plan levels, Essential and Plus. To request pricing for either plan, see the Showpad Coach pricing page.


#25: Leaderboards by SPOTIO

Function: Performance. People.


Function: Performance, People

Encourage healthy competition through sales leaderboards and contests to keep your business thriving. Sales contests are one of the best ways to drive team engagement and throttle results heading into the end of the month, quarter, or year. SPOTIO’s communication features encourage sales rep engagement and offer an open feedback loop with managers. This tool allows sales management to measure the field team’s performance and engage with staff while promoting open communication across teams.

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#26: NerdyData


Functions: Customers, Process

NerdyData is a search engine designed to find the code, tools, and licenses your competitors or prospects’ competitors are using. This tool is great for sales reps creating custom marketing packages to present to prospects. In addition, sales management can provide teams with an accurate list of prospects, target ads via platforms like LinkedIn Matched Audiences, perform market share analysis, and analyze competitors’ client lists. NerdyData can also identify websites that are using software without a license.

Three pricing plans are available:

  • Basic | $200/month/user
  • Pro | $300/month/user
  • Teams | Contact sales.


#27: SPOTIO AutoPlays

Functions: People. Customer. Process. Performance.

Functions: People, Customer, Process, Performance

With SPOTIO Autoplays, managers and sales reps don’t need to waste valuable time setting up the right cadence. Autoplays lets you change settings with a few clicks, so you can zero in on when and how to contact leads to get the best results. Add as many steps as you need, and create conditional rules that sort prospects into different lists. Once you’ve figured out the ideal Autoplay, you can replicate it and share it with other team members or sales management.

With SPOTIO Autoplays, you never need to worry about leads getting lost in the shuffle.

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Unlock The Potential Of Your Sales Team

Sales management isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. By ditching your spreadsheets and implementing proper sales tools, you can more easily focus on your organization’s people, business processes, performance, and customers — and drive further success.

At SPOTIO, we understand the complexities of field sales and sales performance management. Our platform is the #1 field sales automation and performance management software designed to increase revenue, maximize profitability, and enhance sales productivity by automating and optimizing every stage of the sales process.

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