You WILL Be a Failure at Sales (Unless You Have This ONE Thing…)

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A career in sales can be one of the most successful and rewarding occupations you can have in your lifetime. A salesman is often their own boss, sets their own hours, and may be able to spend a lot of time out of the office. The rewards for this work can be just as sweet, with bonuses and commissions a regular staple of a winner’s paycheck.

But here’s the thing: you can work in the best neighborhood, have a proven track record of success, and even a shiny new pair of shoes and still not close the deal or have long term success.

Why? Because you are missing this one thing: you don’t believe enough in your product or service.

This one simple but important concept can affect your sales career in a number of different ways.

First, if you don’t believe, neither will they. In spite of how you look in the mirror, the truth is you are not a very good actor – otherwise, you’d probably be waiting tables.

This means, if you aren’t truly passionate in what you are selling and the life-changing value it will undoubtedly bring to your customer, they are going to know, or at least sense something is off. (When you see a bad actor on television or in movies, how long does it take for you to know they are just reciting their lines?)

A halfhearted pitch will breed a halfhearted response: thank you, I’ll call you if I’m interested. They know you don’t really care, so why should they even trust you?

Belief and Motivation

If you are not 100% – or dare I say 110% – behind your brand, you are also going to lack the necessary motivation. You may go through the motions and will probably only do the bare minimum to get by. This will translate into not working hard enough to generate new leads or follow up on potential customers. Are you one of those people who can talk yourself out from opening the car door even though it’s prime time?

A lack of belief in your product can also be infectious, especially if you are in a more senior or influential position. This can subsequently affect the performance of others on your team, which can lower your office or regional rankings.

Willing to Take an easy “No”

As salespeople we hear a lot more “no’s” than “yes’s” and unless you are innately convinced that your potential customer MUST HAVE your product and that you would be doing them an absolute disservice by allowing them to say no then you’ll easily give up without pushing for the deal.

Think back to when you were a child and you knew that having those new pair of Air Jordans’ would absolutely change your life giving you that extra push needed to hit that jump shot.  You were relentless in asking your parents for them.  I mean, you were convinced that without this one thing life couldn’t go on and your hopes and dreams of being “Like Mike” were gone!

After putting on your best sales pitch for two weeks (or just scraping together change for 6 months like I did at 12) you finally got what you wanted.

When you believe it down in your gut that the customer must have your product then taking anything other than a “yes” just won’t make sense to you.

I don’t care what product you sell it can have an impact on somebody’s life and you need to know what that impact is and use it to motivate you to help as many people as you can.

What do you sell?

Security Systems – you’re protecting families from potential harm

Solar you are saving families money on electricity and preserving the plant

Home Improvements – you are increasing the value of the largest investment most families will ever make

Dry Cleaning – you are helping people look professional and presentable

Storm Restoration – you are helping families get through a catastrophic storm situation to repair their most valued asset

Pest Control – you are protecting families from unwanted critters in their home that can spread disease, infection and nastiness

Insurance – you are helping families secure their future by protecting their most important assets

And the list can go on and on.  Understand the value you provide so you have no choice but to believe.

It’s Not Hard to Believe

So how do you know if you believe enough to succeed? It is an important existential question that you need to ask yourself at any point in your career. Do you think about your product or service on your off time? Are you constantly seeking to learn more about it? Does it put a smile on your face when you have to go out and tell the world about it? Can you think of a thousand different ways it can help your prospect?

And – most crucially – can you convey this sense of wonder and enthusiasm to your potential customer? This is where the “acting” part does come in handy, but we are talking about the good actors, who are driven by passion and truth in the moment. They don’t need to recite a fancy script, we instantly connect with and believe them.

If the answer is “no” to any of the above questions, you basically will be faced with two choices. You can quit your job and perhaps get out of the sales business altogether. (Maybe fast food is your calling?)

OR – you can really double down on the product and spend some quality time to rediscover your passion. Maybe you haven’t experienced what you are selling in a while and forgot what it’s like for a first timer. Try and look at it from fresh eyes again and imagine it from their perspective.

When you fully commit yourself to learning more about what you are selling, this will undoubtedly lead you to a new understanding of its benefits and increase your appreciation of what you are selling to others. It won’t be hard to express yourself with this new information in tow!

Commitment vs. Dedication

I strongly feel that from this belief comes the fountains of commitment and dedication, which are slightly different concepts. A commitment means you are ready to make the effort to sell/convince others of its benefits; dedication means you are willing to put in the necessary hours and face the rejection that is an inevitable part of every sales job.

Watch the Ego

Belief in yourself is also important, of course. But I am taking the position that belief in your product is even more essential. This is because in most instances you do not want to outshine your own product. Being able “to sell ice to Eskimos” as the old saying goes smacks today of hucksterism that many consumers see right through (and it turns them off).

That’s why I say, believe in your product so much that its very existence practically compels you to sell it, not the other way around. Again, this makes for a much more honest, soulful pitch than one surrounded by too much ego.

And, finally, with a belief in the product comes the desire to get proactive and keep being productive. You will inherently want to become more organized and diligent when it comes to seeking out new leads and following through to close the sale. You will take notes with every potential customer interaction and be encouraged and excited monitor your progress.

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