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Solar Sales Jobs

What once was a thing of the sci-fi future can now be spotted on energy-conscious rooftops and landscapes across the country: solar energy systems. These days, the solar power industry is expected to grow 400% by 2016, and solar sales companies are among some of the fastest growing companies in America. The real benefit that solar energy offers a consumer’s bottom line makes it a wide-open field for dedicated sales people to succeed in solar sales jobs – if they’ve got what it takes.

Top solar sales reps have the distinct benefit of knowing that their products save people money (and the feel-good factor of clean energy is another major selling point for the conscientious consumer). Solar energy is widely heralded as a successful source of clean, renewable energy that is becoming more and more accessible to the general population.

Any top sales rep – whether in solar sales or otherwise – knows that, to be at the top, they must have the ability to be innovative, resourceful, and strategic. Business development doesn’t happen by accident – it takes analytical thinking, a strategic approach, consistent tracking of metrics, excellent note-taking, and the ability to build rapport with your customers and leads. It takes some effort.

One thing that sets solar sales jobs apart from other sales is the fact that, after a lead has been qualified, solar sales reps must then be able to analyze a client’s situation and offer a reasonable expectation for the product’s success, on site. It’s not a one-size-fits-all product – there’s a matrix of factors to consider for each client proposal; introducing these metrics to the sales process means more information to track – and more opportunities lost for successful conversion.

Every successful solar salesman has a good attitude, the drive to succeed, and a system in place that makes it easy to develop and execute the sales strategy. Solar sales managers and higher leadership likewise should monitor their team(s) to track who is doing what, when, and with what results.

Enter SPOTIO, a robust, easy-to-use software designed specifically for the door-to-door sales rep and their managers. The app offers everything a solar sales representative, manager, and owner needs. Read more on the blog or check out SPOTIO’s features to learn how this revolutionary app can send your solar sales through the stratosphere.

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