3 Metrics for D2D Sales You MUSt Know

3 MUST KNOW Metrics for Door to Door Sales

Door to Door Sales Statistics and Sales Metric You Must Know

Door to door sales is making a comeback. With “Do Not Call” lists, email spam, mobile devices and digital recording, it has made it hard for companies to get their message to consumers.

Today, one of the best ways to reach potential customers is by knocking on their doors.

Many have benefited from this trend, and you can too, but just like anything else it takes practice and a roadmap.

One important aspect of door to door sales is paying close attention to some basic key performance indicators (KPI’s), which can enhance your door to door sales success.

Here are four metrics that you need to know to help improve your sales performance:

Contact Rate: Take the number of people that answer the door and divide it by the total number of houses you approach.

Contact Rate - door to door sales statistics

You should expect to have a contact rate of 30 to 40 percent. If you are not achieving this rate, then you want to try to make changes to improve like making sure you are knocking during prime time, which is 4 – Dark.

Bonus – Increasing your contact rate is done by testing out different times of day and days of the week for prospecting.  For example, you will more than likely have a higher contact rate later in the afternoons when people are home from work.  Try starting later so you can go later.  Don’t hit the streets at 1pm because by 5 when people start getting home you’ll be tired.  You can also rotate days to get full market saturation.


Lead Rate: Take the number of people that answer the door divided by the number that you turn into a lead.  Leads mean different things in different industries but examples include giving a proposal, scheduling an appointment for a sales rep, setting an appointment with both members of household.

Lead Rate - door to door sales statistics

The Lead Rate will tell you how good your pitch is at the door.  Setting leads is an art and there are many ways to increase the amount of leads you get from contacts.  Try making a loose script and following it, then make changes based on the results you are getting to fine tune what works best for you.

Bonus – This is where skill and training really come into play.  Don’t expect your team to figure this out by themselves.  Have a proven talk tract or script that you can train the team on.  For a more in depth look at how to make your script check out this post on Sales Pitch Examples and here’s a video with 4 tips to increase sales.

Close Rate: This metric shows how many leads that you close on the spot.

Close Rate - door to door sales statistics

The one number all sales reps like to brag about but few calculate properly.  Be honest with yourself here and track it accurately.  Average is 20% and the best are in the 70 – 80% range.  A good lead is the start of a good close.  Those that do close in the higher range set very qualified leads and ask for the business.

Bonus – just like the pitch at the door you must have a locked in place pitch that is given during the presentation.  When first training your reps you train them on this specific pitch and they can modify it to better match their style and personality as they get better.

Knowing these key ratios will allow you to understand where you need to improve.  Do you need to make more attempts?  Work on your pitch at the door?  Or ask for the sale more often?  Track you numbers and you will have a clear path to hitting your income goal.

One More Metric…

After writing this blog we determined another metric that is a must know and it is the Qualified Rate.  You can learn more about that one on this post The 4th Metric You Must Know.

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