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Whether you are in door to door sales, a political canvasser, raising money for a non-profit or a Girl Scout of America when prospecting on a door to door basis your goal is to talk to as many homeowners as possible. This can be difficult since people work at different times, have changing schedules or just go to sleep early.

Because of this, you need to know the best time to canvass and maximize your contact rate in every area that you work. A neighborhood isn’t truly worked until you have talked to 90% of the houses. Your first pass should be in the evening and you should talk to at least 1 out of every 3 doors you knock.

Where are the other 67% you might ask? Well, we don’t know. Maybe they just worked late that evening or had a get-together or maybe they work the night shift and won’t be home until 6 am where they will get a few hours of sleep and have the day time to get their stuff done.

While the evening might be the best time to canvass, you’re going to want to try three intervals in order to maximize engagement with your prospects.

9am-12pm: Here you’re going to catch stay-at-home parents who have just driven their kids to school or retired folks. Do you require both parties to be home to do a presentation? No problem. Set an appointment to come back, later on, to meet with the husband and the wife.

1pm-4pm: Here’s where you can catch many night workers. By now, they will be awake after coming home and crashing for a few hours.

4pm-Dark: This will usually be the interval with the highest response rate. Families eat dinner at all different times so whether you are at the door at 5 pm or 8 pm you always run the risk of interrupting dinner but that’s just part of what we do.

Maximizing contact with your prospects and giving yourself the best time to canvass and completing a sale means meticulously documenting each attempt to contact each customer and making sure everyone on the team has easy access to this info. This way you avoid wasting time trying people who are unavailable, and you give other team members essential info regarding what has worked and what hasn’t.

This type of comprehensive tracking can turn a good team into a great one and allow managers to take full advantage of the talent of their salespeople.

Want to work smarter and not harder? Know what doors you have knocked and what the results are in just a few seconds.

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