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Canvassing Software

Canvassing Software by SPOTIO

The key to success with canvassing software is to make sure it’s easy to use so more appointments can be scheduled at the door by canvassers to keep sales reps in action out in the field.

There’s nothing more frustrating than: A motivated sales team that’s ready to go with no scheduled appointments; OR Canvassers who have to call into a call center just to schedule a simple sales appointment.

SPOTIO brings a fresh look to canvassing software by streamlining the scheduling process with its appointment calendar feature, all within ONE app:

  • Canvassers can see when sales reps have free time and then book appointments immediately;
  • Newly scheduled appointments are sent directly to the sales reps’ calendar;
  • No time is wasted calling sales reps when new appointments are scheduled; and
  • Scheduling an appointment in SPOTIO sends an email to the customer.

An All-in-One Canvassing Software Solution

SPOTIO’s appointment calendar feature literally takes the place of appointment apps, creating an all-in-one solution: a calendar with the ability to schedule appointments within.

Additionally, creating a team calendar allows canvassers to see busy and available times for other sales reps. This increases teamwork and productivity between both canvassers and door-to-door sales reps looking to schedule appointments efficiently.

Enhance Your Canvassing Scheduling Process

SPOTIO is a highly coveted, all-in-one app for its ability to integrate easily into territory sales plans. Say “goodbye” to canvassing software that forces the use of outside calendars and apps for appointment scheduling.

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