Sales Tracking Software

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Sales Tracking Software

Sales Tracking Software by SPOTIO

The Only Sales Tracking Software You’ll Need

It’s finally time to get serious about tracking your sales. You need to develop a tried-and-true system of working leads to move them along in a timely manner through your sales funnel while analyzing successes along the way.

Easier said than done? Not necessarily. With SPOTIO’s easy to use sales tracking software, a full sales cycle is realized:

  • Prospecting: Each and every door knock is tracked as an “attempt” in the app and the contact rate is recorded under the “contacts” column.
  • Sales leads: Upload current clients or a list of potential customers, and add types of leads into SPOTIO in under 3 seconds:
    • “Qualified” – based on your company’s qualifiers.
    • “Lead” – prospects who showed interest.
  • Paying customers: Buyers are indicated under the “sales” column in the app, producing streamlined sales tracking data.
  • Customer satisfaction and retention: Up-to-the-second, real-time knowledge of your team’s activities to know if they are following up with customers.

Each and every sales process is different and based entirely on the unique structure of your company. SPOTIO’s sales tracking software allows complete customization based on your company’s’ needs so that you can tailor your sales process exactly the way you want it.

Capturing Custom Feedback

Valuable feedback is generated from customers, sales reps and canvassers such as:

  • Gathering reasons why customers do not want to make a purchase or schedule a sales appointment; or
  • Determining why certain sales reps are generating sales while others are not.

Valuable feedback can be featured in SPOTIO by setting up custom fields that capture business and industry-specific information and connect it directly to each pin record. Custom field creation guarantees that the most pertinent information and data will be captured to analyze and create more effective sales processes. This results in a healthy sales funnel as well as establishing effective workflows.

A Cohesive Sales Tracking Structure

Ultimately, it is important to have an overview of all sales activities that are taking place from sales reps to managers to canvassers and others to make sure a cohesive sales structure is formed. Once this is accomplished, moving customers through your sales funnel will become a natural process.

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