great wall 1 - How to Start Tracking Your Sales Activities

How to Start Tracking Your Sales Activities

I once heard an old saying that goes something like “a walk of a thousand miles starts with one step.”  So simple and obvious but nonetheless very true.  Getting overwhelmed by trying to see the forest for the tree’s can happen.  Its important to break everything down into bite size chunks and solve the issues one at a time.

We all want the magic wand to wave and Poof! sales go up but it has to be much more methodical than that.  The door to door sales walk of a thousands miles or a thousand more sales starts here, at the very beginning which is Step 1: Track Your Sales Activities.

In this post we are going to give you a starting point on how to track your sales activities, what information to collect and why.

Back in the day when you had to track door knocks you pulled out your clip board, got a piece of paper and as you walked up to a house you wrote the address down on one side of the paper and then wrote what the outcome was on the other side after you finished.

If you were real fancy then you had a route list printed out with the addresses already on it and you just had to mark the outcome of the door knock.

While everybody goes out with the best intentions the problem with doing it the manual way is that not all doors are ever tracked.  Some will surely be left off.

Let’s say you are a stickler for writing down every door that gets knocked, ok great what do you do with the sheets when you are done?  The point of even taking time to track these things is to be able to make actionable decisions based on real time data.

Bottom line, either use a tool like SPOTIO to track EVERY SINGLE DOOR that is knocked or you can download the paper template HERE and take it back old school.

Why? you ask am I willing to give our “competitors” product away?  Because once you try to track doors using paper for any period of time you will more than understand the value that a simple solution like SPOTIO provides and definitely be a lifelong customer.

Here are he basics of what information you want to get on every door:

Address: street, city, state, zip
Date/Time: of when the door was knocked
Status: what happened at the house.  To start just use the default statuses in SPOTIO which are Not Home, Not Interested, Lead and Sold
Rep Name: who knocked the door

Maybe some notes about the property if you do exterior type work like painting, roofs, siding, windows or landscaping.  Think about creating a targeted marketing list without ever talking to somebody.  More on that HERE.

and if you get to talk to them or set up a lead definitely get:

Full Name
Phone Number
Notes pertaining to the conversation
Follow Up Date/Time

Now, you are going to go about your day like you normally do and choose which area you want to work and go hit the streets but this time you are going to mark the result of every single door that you knock.

So now you are asking yourself, “do I really need to mark down every single door that is knocked?  Even the ones that are not home?”

And the answer is a loud and resounding YES!!!!

Our data shows that around 2/3rd’s of the doors you knock on are NOT going to answer.  When its time to go back through a neighborhood don’t you want to know which homes you didn’t speak to?  You can then start your pitch out by saying you were in the area on such and such date and time and were sorry you missed them last time but glad you got a hold of them now because there is a new exciting promotion that is available…

Also, don’t try to guess which homes you talked to before then look unprofessional when a homeowner calls you out and says, “Yeah, I remember talking to you last time you came through and the answer is still NO!”

Have a record of what potential customers said and make sure to work that into your pitch the second time around.  It will build a familiarity and some level of trust because you actually follow up and work in a professional manor.

The neighborhood will get easier to work as you build customer references.  Imagine being able to say in your pitch to a cold door knock, “I was just over at Bob and Susan’s house next door, we just installed their so and so last week, and I thought I would stop by while I was in the area…”

You are much more likely to get a warmer reception from being able to use social proof than a regular ol pitch.

Knowing what happened on every door is going to allow you to know for a FACT specific things that most of your competitors are only guessing on, such as:

– What times are best to knock certain areas
– What areas a producing the most leads and sales
– Who are my best reps and how do I get everybody else on their level
– When do you need to go back and re-work certain areas
– Who NEEDS your product or service

At first you may feel that tracking what you are doing on this level of detail is a waste of time and just not worth the effort.

>And Guess What?

IF you don’t plan on making educated changes based on the facts you learn from the numbers then it probably is but remember, a walk of a thousand miles starts with one step.

If you want to know for a fact what changes you need to make to drastically increase your sales or your teams sales then your first step is to know where you are now and to do that you will have to track every single door knock you make.

And further more, I have several customers of SPOTIO now whose company doesn’t require them to track what they are doing.  As long as they bring in the sales they can pretty much do whatever they want but they continue to track every single door they knock.

These reps I speak of are typically the Top Performers of their organization.  So yes, even when you are performing at the highest level you will still need to do this basic step so you can maintain your position.

After all its all about Inspecting what you Expect.