Learn How These Top Salesman Dress Tips Helps Dominate 2017

Salesman Dress Tips to Successfully Dominate the New Year (Part 2)

How Your Appearance Can Help You Dominate 2017. Check our List of Salesman Dress Tips.

With your Dominate 2017 Goal Action Plan in hand, you are now ready to conquer the world, right?! Nope, not quite yet. We need to talk about what you are wearing.

Got on your PJs and houseshoes? No worries! I’m talking about what you wear when you go knocking door to door to help increase your confidence and the confidence of your potential customer that they are making the right decision by purchasing from you.

Compare Yourself to Packaging

Some companies spend millions of dollars designing and creating packaging that will most likely draw consumers to their products to initiate a purchase. If the packaging is indeed effective, it captures the consumer’s attention for a longer period of time, and hopefully, they will feel compelled to make the purchase.

The Paperworker, a package creation company that’s been in business for over 60 years, conducted some research and found that approximately ⅓ of consumer decision-making is based on packaging.

The same goes for you. As a door to door salesperson, you are the “package” that the customers see and interact with, sometimes before your product or service, so you’ve got to make it count. According to Business Insider, you’ve only got about 7 seconds to do that. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough pressure, most decisions after that 7-second window are made based on the information that was collected during that short time frame.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to go spend millions of dollars on clothing to make a good impression, so this blog post is NOT a “good reason” for you to run out and purchase an Armani suit. Ha! But, first impressions do matter.

Clothing has Power on Those Around You

Clothes can increase dominance (what we are trying to accomplish for 2017) and job performance in high-stakes competitive tasks [like door to door selling]. This claim is based on a study by Michael W. Kraus, an assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Yale School of Management.

Kraus’ study consisted of 128 men (sorry ladies) ages 18 to 32 from diverse backgrounds and various income levels who participated in a role-playing scenario that simulated negotiations during a sale. The men were divided into three groups based on what they were wearing:

  • Business suits and dress shoes;
  • Sweatpants, white t-shirts and plastic sandals; and
  • “Everyday” wear such as khaki pants, collared shirts, and casual shoes.

During the study, the men reacted based on how they were dressed:

  • The more casually dressed men tended to back down easily.
  • The more formally dressed men received more respect from others, and as they became aware of this respect, their negotiations got more forceful.

Kraus concluded that in high-pressure, high-stakes situations, wearing more toward the formal end of the spectrum can signal to others that “you are successful and confident in whatever you are doing.”

More Salesman Dress Tips for Dominance

I realize that most of the time sales reps are given specific shirts to wear in their company’s specific colors, so choosing what to wear isn’t an option. Without getting too specific, here are some tips that can enhance your wardrobe to dominate out in the door knocking arena.

The use of color. Companies choose to use specific colors as a way to identify themselves from their competitors and increase brand recognition among customers and potential customers. Colors also convey nonverbal messages that evoke certain emotions and feelings.

Here’s what your company’s shirt color may be conveying to people at the door based on its color:

  • Bright colors = a less serious tone.
  • White = innocence, cleanliness, simplicity.
  • Black = power, control, heaviness, expensiveness.
  • Red = excitement.
  • Yellow = happiness.
  • Green = growth and harmony, often associated with eco-friendly products and services.

Your shoes matter, not just for looks but for your health, too. It’s a false assumption that other people don’t notice your shoes. It may not be the first thing they look at, but it is part of observing the whole “package.”

To make a good impression at the door, choose the right style of shoe to match your outfit. If you are wearing a suit, opt for dress shoes, but if you are wearing khakis, a euro-type sneaker may work. Make sure your shoes are clean, polished if necessary, with no holes, rips or tears.

To help prevent foot, leg and back pain, make sure your shoes offer proper support that aligns your entire body, and alternate shoes daily to avoid overuse of certain muscles and joints.

More Salesman Dress Tips for the Guys: Crocs makes the Santa Cruz style shoe, in cloth or leather, that looks semi-dressy from the outside, with all the comfort of a pair of Crocs clogs or flip flops on the inside! (And, before you ask, no, we are not an affiliate for Crocs.)

Quick Tip for the Sales Gals: Opt for clogs or wedge shoes with a rounded toe. Both offer support, ankle stabilization and less pressure on your toes!

Wear something that identifies who you are and why you’re knocking on the door. In this day of extreme security, people are very careful about answering their doors. If you don’t have some type of identifier — name badge, logo on your shirt, briefcase or bag with a logo, etc. — where people can see it through their peephole, they may not even open the door.

Take the worry away from people at the door by quickly and easily identifying yourself so that they open their door to give you their full 7-second overview. These salesman dress tips should help you overcome to most common obstacles salesman face when facing new prospects.

Overall, there’s really only one hard, fast rule: Always dress to dominate!

We’d love to see a pic of you all decked out in your favorite door knocking outfit. Post it below in the comment section. Hopefully our salesman dress tips have put you on the right track.

Stay tuned for the last blog in our “3 Must-Have Tools to Dominate 2017” series to learn all about the pitch!