Product Update: Calendar Enhancements

Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

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The SPOTIO calendar gives sales teams a common scheduling tool to manage calls, texts, appointments and many other sales activities. With real-time visibility into all sales reps calendars, Sales Managers can see who is fully scheduled and who has availability.  

For Sales Reps, they see the same data in the mobile app which makes it easy to schedule meetings for other members on your team when needed.  This works especially well when Canvassers want to schedule appointments for other Consultants or Closers. 

What’s New

In addition to the previous capabilities of our calendar feature, we’ve added even more functionality:

Double Booking 

We know that some sales teams want to restrict their Reps from creating more than one booking for a given time slot; others want to give their Reps the freedom to overbook.  

With the new Double Booking selection, companies can decide whether they want to restrict or allow this capability for their company. 

Recurring Meetings 

In the web calendar and mobile calendar appointments can be scheduled to recur into the future (i.e., every day, every week, every month, every year).

Additionally, users are able choose a custom recurrence for a number of weeks or a specific day of the week with the option to end on a certain date or keep going indefinitely. 

The SPOTIO Calendar combines all of the top functionalities of any other best of breed calendar tools. This combined with SPOTIO’s ability to integrate with all major calendars gives your sales team a powerful productivity tool at their fingertips.