Product Update: B2B Lead Machine

Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

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B2B Lead Machine gives sales admins access to a comprehensive set of business lead information. This information is then filterable by predetermined ranges and specific qualifying data.

Lead Machine surfaces hundreds of thousands of leads with contact information for the majority, making direct marketing and sales outreach more personalized.

Pull data points such as:

  • Location: New York, Omaha, San Diego, Portland, etc.
  • Industry: Medical, Restaurant, Energy, etc.
  • Company Size: 11-49, 50-100, 101-500, etc.
  • Type of Business: Non-profit, Public, Private
  • Estimated Revenue: $500k, $50M, $100M, etc.

The leads can then be assigned to specific territories as well as to individual sales reps with the SPOTIO web platform.

Hundreds of thousands of detailed Lead info is available in the B2B Lead Machine selector. Once your list is narrowed down, they can be imported onto the map, assigned to Territories and then parsed out to sales reps for valuable prospecting activities.  


Last year SPOTIO published its annual State of Field Sales Report, which  identified and measured key trends in the world of field sales. One key finding from the survey uncovered the biggest obstacle that was keeping sales reps from successfully accomplishing their jobs: building a pipeline of qualified leads.

When asked, “What would make you a better outside sales rep?” 36% of respondents felt that better access to targeted prospects would increase their sales success rate.

In light of these findings, SPOTIO built a tool to help sales reps build stronger pipelines: B2B Lead Machine.

B2B Lead Machine, much like B2C Lead Machine, gives customers access to an extensive database of information about businesses, helping sales reps to find quality leads.

SPOTIO has connected its already powerful sales activity platform to a deep data set of firmographic information that allows customers to search and tailor the leads that match their ideal prospect.