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Almost everyone in the door to door and field sales industries know the comedian Kenny Brooks. You’ve undeniably seen a video of his pitching a cleaning product whether you knew it or not. While the guy is hilarious, he wasn’t just funny. He was actually good at sales.

He had an expert-level understanding of how to connect with people. There’s a lot of sales psychologies in his approach.

What You Need to Know

Before we even get into Kenny’s pitch, there’s one thing you have to know and understand.

He didn’t get where he is by simply showing up. He didn’t just wake up, choose a cleaning product and start knocking doors with success simply because his name is Kenny Brooks. He had to practice his pitch. He didn’t write something down and just become who he is today.

He’s an aspiring stand-up comedian. These people put so much time into what they’re going to say, how they’re going to say it, the body language they’re going to have when they say it, the expression on their face, and the list goes on.

The #1 reason Kenny Brooks had success was because he practiced.

The Introduction [0:01 – 0:15 into the video]

Kenny Brooks high fiving homeowner
Kenny starts his entire presentation by building rapport and establishing credibility. The first thing he does is reference two of the prospect’s neighbors who he recently sold to. Your customers are often one of your greatest resources, but sales reps fail to use them for unexplained reasons.

Using your current customers as references is extremely effective because of a principle of persuasion called social proof.

Social proof says that people pay attention to what other people around them are doing. Whether it’s consciously, or unconsciously, they know what others are doing and they pay attention to it. Kenny instantly establishes credibility with the homeowner because of this.

“You know Jeff with the big white Suburban?  High Five – I’m glad to see another brother in the neighborhood.  Watch this here – this is what impressed your neighbors…”

He also builds rapport with the owner in the first 15 seconds by making a joke. He mentioned how it was nice to have another brother in the neighborhood, referenced Barack Obama, and gave him a high-five. This keeps the conversation light and breaks down the prospect’s guard for Kenny to get more information out of him.

Notice how many times Kenny gives the homeowner a high five – that type of personal touch goes a long way to build subconscious rapport by not only having a human touch but he’s getting the prospect to say “yes” by following his command.

The Presentation [0:16 – 1:39 into the video]

Kenny Brooks Gives Presentation

Once he builds rapport with the customer and breaks down their guard, he gives them a short description of the product and immediately starts the demonstration.

The thing you need to notice with this is that he wasn’t hesitant.

He didn’t stop and ask for permission; he’s confident in his pitch and the product he’s offering. Once he moved into the actual demonstration, he was quick in getting to his main point: how effective the cleaning solution is.

“You don’t gotta buy nothing though, looks are free today – just take one.  Watch this.  Wax on – Wax off, like Mr. Myagi.  Because they said yawls water out here was hotter than chemistry.”

After he shows the customer that the cleaner didn’t leave spots or streaks, he did something very important to gain buy-in from the potential customer: he asked a question he knew would get a “yes” as a response.

There’s a sales tactic called the “yes train”. It’s pretty simple, but the whole idea is that you want to get prospects saying yes and agreeing with everything you say or ask from them. He uses this quite a bit in his videos.

What he does exceptionally well, in addition to making the presentation fun and interactive, is he finds something that is important to the customer when he talks about how well it will clean his car. While the prospect doesn’t get overly excited about much in this video, you can tell he really stopped to think about how that would help him.

“You got a maid or a butler or do you do your own cleaning?”

Buy-In Question [1:40 – 2:09 into the video]

Kenny Brooks Buy In Question
He does a couple demonstrations in the video to show the effectiveness of the product he’s selling.

Once he completes these, he does something that is vital to closing the deal: he gets the potential customer thinking about what he would use the product for if he had a bottle.

He asks this question and gives a couple examples. He’s using psychology to take the customer past the point of the sale and into what he would do with it once he has it. This is part of assuming the sale, which is a key closing technique you should be using.

“If you had it, what would you use it on first – that grout, the oil and rust on the driveway, the barbecue grill or the hard water spots?”

Pricing Question [2:10 – 2:29 into the video]

Kenny Brooks Talks Pricing

The ever important “how much does it cost?” question. When Brooks gets asked this question he flips it back to the prospect. Rather than simply answering the

question, he moves away from it to build more value and get empathy from the customer.

He talks about how much the customer thinks it would cost and how the profits go to helping him follow his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian.

He ultimately ends up telling him the price, $36 per bottle, but that it makes 36 bottles because he only needs one cap-full of solution. Rather than waiting for a response, he continues on to demonstrating additional value with another presentation of something the cleaning solution would be effective on.

Get out of the House [2:30 – 4:00 into the video]

Kenny Brooks cleans the car
One of the most important things to do in door to door sales is get the homeowner out of their house. You want them to be hands-on and see whatever problem it is that you’re trying to solve first-hand.

Kenny gets the customer out of his home and out to watch how effectively the cleaner will remove things like break dust from the wheels and tires. He also continues to build rapport with the man by making a joke about the L.A. Lakers.

As he continues, he repeats a lot of the same processes but always has a different goal in mind. He takes his time throughout the pitch and isn’t in a rush to get to the sale. He gains buy-in from the customer to ensure he’s demonstrated enough value and uses that as leverage throughout the closing process.

He also builds rapport throughout the entire pitch. “People like to do business with people they like.” Simon Sinek said this in a TED Talk several years ago and it’s never been truer. In a world with so much competition, this could ultimately be the deciding factor.
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Key Takeaways

There’s a lot of ‘good’ that you can learn from in Kenny’s video. Whether he knew how much “selling” he was doing, or just trying to be funny, it worked. One of the greatest takeaways to recognize in his pitch is how conversational the entire thing is.

I understand that he’s selling a $36 bottle of cleaning solution, and not a property worth $10 million, but my point is that so many sales reps put too much pressure on themselves, and the job. They overthink it and build it up so much in their head that it prevents them from even having a shot at being successful.

At the end of the day, sales is nothing more than having a conversation. Obviously there’s a tiny bit more to it, but in your next pitch, remember that you’re talking to another human being who probably doesn’t like being uptight or under pressure any more than you do. Be more personable and relational – Give it a shot like Kenny and see where it gets you.

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