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How much more efficient would your reps be if the leads and data they gathered in the field automatically transferred between their software applications? Our integration with AccuLynx offers seamless data transfer from your SPOTIO to AccuLynx accounts; eliminating duplicate data entry and giving users the ability to quickly identify and track the lead source.

Integration Benefits

  • Automatically import leads from SPOTIO directly into your AccuLynx account.
  • Note the source of your leads & track its status throughout the lifecycle of the leads.
  • Eliminate double data entry and seamlessly manage leads.

The result of this partnership will increase rep efficiency and streamline their time when our prospecting in the field.

How To Set-up

To set-up the connection between your accounts, follow the steps below:

#1 | Get your Access Token from AccuLynx:

#2 |  For Selective Sync, choose one stage to serve as the trigger point. This will then push data from SPOTIO into AccuLynx once a lead hits the designated stage:

#3 |  Establish the Field Map between your two accounts:

Now the leads and notes you enter into SPOTIO from the field will automatically populate your AccuLynx account. A two-step process has just been trimmed down into one.

About AccuLynx

AccuLynx is the roofing industry’s first cloud-based software application designed to help contractors manage and grow their business. It’s packed with powerful features and easy-to-use tools that help streamline a roofing company’s processes, grow their profits and provide superior customer service.

With AccuLynx, roofing contractors can manage every aspect of their business from a single application.


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