Many rush to say SPOTIO and JobNimbus are the same but there are important distinctions. Some features are similar but used for different reasons, and at different stages of the sales process. Yes, JobNimbus is capable of logging attempts, but not as in-depth as SPOTIO. It’s simply not their focus. Their functionality drastically simplifies how sales reps close a deal and then manage the project to completion. They excel managing processes post-sale.  

4 Ways JobNimbus Adds Value to SPOTIO

#1 | Next Level Management

Spotio Integrates with JobNimbusThe integration automatically updates any notes or contact details in your SPOTIO account for that record. These types of tools streamline your processes, allowing you to focus on tasks that are actually important and require your attention.

Since the average salesperson only spends 22% of their time actively selling, streamlining any process possible is increasingly important. 


#2 | Build Estimates & Invoices

Invoicing with JobNimbus and SPOTIOJobNimbus provides an effective way to build invoices in seconds. As a consumer, waiting on a company to send a bill just lengthens the sales process. Nimbus keeps track of your products, pricing, automatically applies tax, and uses auto-complete product names to help generate invoices faster.

All of this information is updated in SPOTIO in real-time and can be printed or emailed with a couple clicks.



#3 | Create & Automatically Fill in Important Documents

Job Nimbus Integration Image 3 e1526917575872 - SPOTIO + JobNimbus

In addition to invoices, you’ll have the functionality to create a variety of professional documents. The easy to use editor allows you to create anything from a basic one-page agreement to customer contracts.

Once the information has been entered on your end, customers can digitally sign these documents on the spot. These documents and images are also able to automatically be shared with SPOTIO. 


#4 | On-the-Spot Payment Processing

JobNimbus and QB and Spotio

Customers are given a variety of options to submit payment, on top of how they want to pay. More options means more money in your pocket. Payments are integrated into every part of JobNimbus, including SPOTIO and QuickBooks.

Through this integration, you’ll get more accurate and reliable data. Your SPOTIO dashboard has a place to enter your average deal size, a number that many owners guess at. Once you know this number, SPOTIO will automatically calculate it for any given time period.



SPOTIO and JobNimbus integrate seamlessly to meet even the most complex demands.

JobNimbus and SPOTIO CTA