SPOTIO App Release – Save Images & Docs

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SPOTIO App released a new version of both mobile apps and web app that now include the ability to save images and documents in two locations.

This has been our most requested feature recently and now its a reality.

To make this process seamless we allow you to connect your Google Drive account which is where the images will be saved and stored.  Google Drive accounts are free and this way your team that may or may not be using SPOTIO can easily access the files.

Company Docs & Images

Both on the web and mobile app we now have a location where you can store documents and images that are available to the entire company.  This is perfect for scripts, price lists, marketing material, customer testimonies, before and after pictures and other things that the whole company should see.

Pin Docs & Images

You can load and save files to a pin both from the mobile app and web app.  If the field team saves a file on a pin in the mobile app it will become available almost immediately to the team back in the office.  When an image is saved to a pin we also make a new folder in the Google Drive for that address and all files saved to that pin will be in the folder nicely organized for you.  Even if you disconnect your Google Drive account from SPOTIO you will still have those images saved.

How to Get Started

Here’s a Video that details how to connect your Google Drive account to your SPOTIO account so you can start saving files to both pins and your company folder.