New Mobile and Web App Release

Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

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As part of our ongoing efforts to make SPOTIO better and better for our customers we are proud to announce the latest release of both mobile and web app.

Here’s what you can expect:


Performance Upgrades: we did some super techy stuff with how the information is stored on the devices to allow companies with tons of pins to still have good performance.

Mobile Report: you can now hit the button in the top right corner to email a report of your pins. This is handy if you need to send your daily tasks to a sales manager or just want to keep them for yourself.

Filter Date: we no longer require a time to be entered when filtering by date.

Appointment Time: you are free to set an appointment time, we automatically set the appointment for an hour long and send it to the calendar.

List Sorting: if you sort the list by Address we will put the Addresses in order alphabetically then numerically. This way it is easier to create a Knock Lst.

Appointment Settings: now the full address is sent to the phone calendar so you can one click to the map to get directions.  On android the customers name and phone number is sent too.

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Real Time Pin Update: you will not see a refresh button on the dashboard anymore.  This is because we implemented real time updates.  If a pin is created on the mobile device then it immediately shows up on the web.  Now it is more fun than ever to watch the dashboard while your team is out working.

50,000 Pins on Dashboard: you are no longer limited to 3,000 pins on the dashboard but 50,000.  The performance of the dashboard was also upgraded from the previous version.

Auto-Column Matching on Import: now if the spreadsheet heading is the same as the Pin Field the columns will automatically match up thus saving you tons of time during the import process.
No rest for the weary though as we are already working on the next developments for both mobile and web.

In the upcoming months you can expect:

  • New dashboard for web that has individual and team KPI’s and a Leaderboard
  • More accurate geocoding during import
  • Territory assignment
  • New mobile design that will have the KPI’s and Leaderboard
  • Baseline and goal settings

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