Interview with James Peuster from The Route Pro

Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

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James Peuster is the CEO of The Route Pro which is a consultancy firm specializing in working with Dry Cleaning companies to increase revenue by establishing a route service.

Here’s an excerpt from their website which you can see at

“The Route Pro provides a complete route consultant program that is designed for the 21st century. From sales to retention, the Route Pro can take you to the next level. Don’t get left behind-the route industry is growing fast and the time is now to establish and conquer the market. Each day you wait, opportunity is slipping away.”

I reached out to James so we could talk about door to door sales in his industry and how that might apply to all of those that do door to door sales overall.  He has over 13 years as a top consultant so I knew that he would have a lot to offer.

One of the things that I know all top professionals have in ANY INDUSTRY is an innate sense of curiosity to learn how to get better and always try out new ideas and methods to help drive toward continued success.

You might not be in the route business or even know what it is, but if you are a door to door sales person or manager then I am sure you can learn something by listening to the conversation James and I had.