How SPOTIO Helps Book Appointments, Build Pipeline, and Close Deals

Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

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You and your team work hard to create amazing merchant service products. In fact, once a company starts using your POS system, their business almost always improves.

But you have a problem: convincing said companies to ditch their outdated systems and invest in your cutting-edge product. After all, you’re a creator, not a salesperson. So what do you do? You hire outside sales reps to sell your products for you.

It’s a match made in heaven, right? You can focus on what you do best: make awesome stuff, while a team of talented salespeople can “beat the streets” and get your products into customers’ hands. Everybody wins—or so you thought…

As it turns out, merchant level sales is difficult. So is managing a team of outside sales reps. Don’t worry, there’s a simple solution to both of these issues: SPOTIO.

SPOTIO For Merchant Level Sales

SPOTIO is a field sales engagement platform that enables outside sellers to track, manage, and optimize their sales activity. With our industry-leading suite of tools, sales reps in a variety of different fields achieve greater productivity and boost revenue by as much as 23%.

When it comes to merchant level sales, SPOTIO has a few specific features that can help:

Multichannel Communication

Modern consumers have preferences. Some are old school and like getting phone calls. Others prefer email and text messages. Your sales team’s job is to cater to their leads to the best of their ability. SPOTIO helps them do that with multichannel communication.

SPOTIO allows users to schedule email, texts, and call alerts to simplify the prospect engagement process. It then automatically captures the results of these sales activities and syncs the data to your CRM tool of choice.

Was their last email opened? Did their prospect answer their phone call or did they have to leave a message? How many of their leads actually read their text messages?

SPOTIO answers all of these questions and more via an easy-to-understand dashboard. Sellers can quickly see whether they’re on track to hit their sales goals this month, catch bottlenecks in their sales process, and understand which regions they’re most successful in.

Real-time Activity Feed in SPOTIO

The best part is, every sales rep who uses SPOTIO, whether they’re part of a team or completely independent, has access and control over their own pipelines. This means that their leads and opportunities will never get confused with other sellers’ in your organization.


We can’t talk about multichannel communication without mentioning Autoplays, a new SPOTIO feature that empowers sellers to design custom activity sequences for each of their prospects, then automate them so that nothing ever falls through the cracks.

This graphic illustrates how Autoplays works:

Autoplays helps merchant level sales reps generate more opportunities via consistent communication that doesn’t require any extra effort to maintain.

Sales Team Organization

SPOTIO also helps individual sales reps better organize their efforts, and sales managers to better organize the sales reps that they’re tasked to oversee. Our platform has three tools, in particular, that can aid in this area. They are:

  • Canvassing Tools: At SPOTIO, we understand that every person’s sales process is unique. That’s why our canvassing tools give sellers the option to customize data fields and prospect stages to their needs, and easily pass notes from SPOTIO to their CRM.
  • Sales Rep Calendars: The calendar inside SPOTIO seamlessly integrates with Outlook and Google, which means sales reps can make and review sales appointments from a single app. Appointments can also be transferred from one rep to another, including sales notes, which helps minimize miscommunications and lost sales.
  • Territory Management: With SPOTIO, it’s easy to cut territories and assign them to the most qualified sales rep. The precise nature of our tool prevents unwanted overlaps between reps, while shedding light on why some territories outperform others.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, industrial vacuum cleaners or merchant services, organization is key. SPOTIO gives sellers the organizational tools they need—all from the convenience of their preferred device: desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

360 Degree Visibility

Finally, SPOTIO gives merchant level sales reps complete visibility into their sales processes and pipelines. This will help them identify where to focus their efforts.

For example, when they can see that Prospect A has opened every email they’ve sent them, while Prospect B hasn’t opened their last four messages, they’ll know that Prospect A is probably more interested in what they have to offer. By spending more time on Prospect A, your sales team will give themselves a better chance to make a sale and generate revenue.

SPOTIO also includes a Customer Mapping feature. Sellers can visually organize prospects and customers on a map and color code them to easily distinguish their place in their sales funnel.

All of the data collected and organized in SPOTIO is easily transferred to a CRM platform, whether your sales team uses Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, or some other tool.

Sell More With SPOTIO

SPOTIO’s innovative suite of sales tools makes it much easier for sellers to remember to follow-up and and merchant services companies like yours manage the outside field sales teams they employ. In other words, it’s the ideal solution you’ve been looking for!

But don’t just take our word for it. Sign up for a free demo and see the SPOTIO features outlined above in action. We’re confident you’ll be thrilled with the possibilities!