Supercharge Your Outside Sales Team with Autoplays

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The life of a sales professional is hectic.

There are prospects to call, leads to close, current customers to check in with — the list goes on and on. And we haven’t even talked about the travel requirements that outside sellers must account for. With so many responsibilities, is it any wonder that things fall through the cracks?

Autoplays give salespeople clarity into their day and enables them to streamline their workflows so that no task is ever forgotten.

Autoplays: Everything You Need to Know

Autoplays is a tool, designed specifically for outside sales reps, that allows users to create automated sequences that can be customized for each prospect. The result? Fewer missed opportunities, greater prospect engagement, and higher sales numbers.

Once a lead is added to an Autoplay inside SPOTIO, sales reps can build sequences to automate their follow up efforts. For example:

Step 1: Call Prospect, Day 1 — Autoplays will send the sales rep a reminder to call.

Step 2: Email Prospect, Day 1 Autoplays will automatically send a personalized email, based on your specifications, to your prospect.

Step 3: In-Person Visit, Day 2 — Autoplays will send the sales rep a reminder to visit.

Step 4: Call Prospect, Day 3 — Autoplays will send the sales rep a reminder to call.

Step 5: Text Prospect, Day 4 — Autoplays will automatically send a personalized text, based on your specifications, to your prospect.

With Autoplays, you’re free to add as many steps to your sequences as you want, put them in any order, subtract steps if necessary — the power is in your hands.

Multichannel Communication

Autoplays integrates with SPOTIO’s Multichannel Communication feature, which means your reps can easily send automated emails and texts, then track the results.

It takes a lot of time to manually write, copy, paste, and personalize emails and texts — time that sales reps could spend on other, higher-value activities. SPOTIO will take care of these menial tasks for your team once your reps add steps to their Autoplays.

Data-Backed Insights

Autoplays draws from the wealth of information your company has stored in SPOTIO. This includes details like customer contact history and most successful communication channel.

Using these data-backed insights, your reps will be able to build their automated sequences based on SPOTIO’s recommendations. They’ll quickly learn who to engage with, how to engage with them, and the best times to begin engaging.

Repeatable Processes

Did one of your reps stumble onto a winning sequence? Make it a template so that your whole team can reuse it for other prospects in the same stage of the sales funnel.

Doing so has a couple of advantages:

  • Boost Productivity: Don’t waste time with subpar sequences. Start with a template that works, then customize it as needed. This will ensure peak productivity for reps.
  • Increase Sales: The wrong follow up strategy can irritate leads, making them less inclined to purchase from your company. Use a proven communication sequence and watch your sales numbers rise.

Saved Autoplays are especially useful for new sales reps. Using them will accelerate the onboarding process and help them make a significant impact on your team sooner.

Complete Mobility

Outside sales reps spend most of their time in their field. That’s why we made sure Autoplays was easily accessible on any phone, tablet, or computer.

It doesn’t matter if your reps are sitting in their cars after a prospect meeting, lounging in a swanky hotel suite in a different country, or spending the day at company HQ. If they have an internet connection, they can access their Autoplays.

This level of mobility will ensure your reps stay on top of their daily agenda, engage with customers in a timely manner, and prevent important tasks from falling through the cracks.

The Field Sales Engagement Tool You’ve Been Waiting For

For the first time ever, outside sales teams have access to an automated sequencing tool that was designed specifically for them. With Autoplays, your reps will become more efficient, engage reps in productive and timely ways, and increase their performance.

To learn more about Autoplays, schedule your free demo.