JobNimbus - Integration
MarketSharp - Integration
Salesfoce - Integration


Choose from a wide range of integrations — send pins to dozens of CRM’s and further automate your sales process with over 750 different apps & softwares.
Google Calendar - Integration
Google Drive - Integration
MailChimp - Integration

Our Most Popular Integrations

Connect your JobNimbus account so new pins created in SPOTIO automatically create new leads in JobNimbus
MarketSharp 1 - Integration
Salesforce - Integration
Google Calendar 1 - Integration
Google Drive 1 - Integration
MailChimp 1 - Integration

And 750+ other ways to automate sales process

Zapier gives you the power to integrate SPOTIO with hundreds of other apps to do all sorts of crazy things.

Some Ideas of What You Can Do…

Appointment Reminder Text - Integration
Handwritten Thank You Letter - Integration
Email Manager New Sales - Integration
Electronic Signature - Integration
New Trello Card - Integration
New Spreadsheet Row - Integration

Get Organized. Keep Track. Sell More.

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