What does SPOTIO mean anyway?

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I frequently get asked where the name SPOTIO came from. Is it just some gibberish that I made up because I had not enough sleep and too much coffee?

Coffee definitely had something to do with it but there is a deeper meaning to why I chose the name.

What makes SPOTIO different than the 1 million other CRM’s out there?  There are some big players in that space but none of them do what you need them to do.

So who are you?

You are outside sales teams and reps.  You do your prospecting outside the office by pounding the pavement and knocking doors be it residential or office.

You don’t sit behind desks all day making phone calls and enter customer info into a Desktop PC.  You use maps and gps to navigate the terrain and need a tool that is efficient and saves you time and energy.

You know every square mile of your territory.  You methodically roam the territory looking for a prospect to get in front of and “capture”.

You know where and when you need to be to have the highest chance of success and when the timing is right you accelerate at a very rapid pace and “attack.”

You can turn on a dime and use real data to work smarter.

Missed the “pounce” last time?  You know why and make every effort not to do it again because that would waste time and energy.  Two things we preserver for when needed.

Maybe you are paid 100% commission and only eat what you “kill.”

If you don’t get out of bed every day motivated to go and hunt new “prey” then you will simply starve.

Bottom line is that it is no where near easy to do what you do.  There’s always plenty of competition out there and definitely easier jobs but you do it because you love the challenge and of course the Reward.

I am not using the words “capture”, “attack”, “pounce”, “kill” and “prey” as derogatory terms to describe the customers but to paint you a picture in your mind.

These traits should remind you of a certain king of the Sahara desert that you can find on the Homepage of this website.

That’s right my friends.  Its a Cheetah.

Cheetah GIF

The Cheetah is the fastest animal in the world.  Known for their speed, agility and acceleration.

The most distinctive thing about how a Cheetah looks is its Spots.

The spots on a Cheetah are like the spots or “Pins” on a map.

Points on the Map

So there you have the connection.

The name SPOTIO came from the fact that we are a map driven tracking solution for outside sales that have to essentially eat what you kill in terms of sales.

Oh yeah, and by the way it always helps that the domain www.spotio.com was available.