Territory Manager

Save time by effectively creating and managing territories.

SPOTIO saves field managers 1 to 3 hours per day by taking the place of printed maps, pens and highlighters. Managers can create and assign specific territories for each sales rep within the app, which saves countless hours of searching for the ideal area to work. With SPOTIO, sales reps will spend their time prospecting areas exactly where sales managers want them.

Territory Management Grey Background e1531428416491 - Territory Manager

  • Know exactly where sales reps need to work
  • See three different views of a territory
  • Draw out specific territories and assign them to sales reps
  • Assign multiple reps to the same territory
  • Break territories into smaller sections and assign to sales reps
  • See in real time as a new action was taken at a specific address
  • Identify overlapping territories
  • Add new territories in 4 easy steps
  • Edit, manage and delete territories easily
  • Manipulate territories by zooming in and out
  • Search bar feature allows users to search specific territories from list

Get Organized. Keep Track. Sell More.

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