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The solar industry is growing by leaps and bounds.

You must train your sales reps to close deals consistently to help your company grab a piece of this lucrative pie. Fortunately, there are a bunch of resources to help you.

So that’s what we’ll cover in this article. Keep reading about the eight best solar sales training online courses available in 2023. Let’s dive in!


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8 Best Solar Sales Training Resources

Before discussing resources, let’s discuss why good sales training is critical in solar.

It’s pretty simple. Good sales training is essential in the solar industry because solar panels represent a significant investment to most customers. If you or your reps need help understanding how to highlight the benefits of this particular technology, they’ll never close deals.

Fortunately, the eight solar sales resources below will teach your reps everything they need to know to connect with customers and drive more revenue for your company.


1. Udemy: Double Your Solar Sales Course

This Udemy course is designed to teach solar reps the mindset they need to make sales. As such, it’s loaded with information about the psychology of sales, building trust with potential customers, handling objections, and pulling oneself out of a sales slump.

Course Pros:

  • Double Your Solar Sales is affordable at $124.99.
  • This course also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The instructor provides step-by-step scripts to follow.

Course Cons:

  • The course only includes 1.5 hours of video content.
  • Some users claim the content needed to be more advanced for their needs.
  • There’s a case to be made that the content is too focused on California solar sales.

Top Testimonial:

“Great information that can be directly applied to selling solar panels at the highest level. You will sell solar if you use this method of selling.”Brian W.


2. Solar Energy International: Solar Training – Solar Business and Technical Sales

This solar sales training online course goes deep. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the industry, policy changes, technical information, and sales techniques—all of which you can use to make more sales and drive more revenue for your solar company.

Course Pros:

  • This course lasts for six weeks and includes a ton of material.
  • You’ll get a certificate once you complete all of the course material.

Course Cons:

  • This course is 60 hours long, which is a serious commitment.
  • It’s also expensive. Expect to pay $895 to attend this course.

Top Testimonial:

“My experience learning with SEI has been nothing short of amazing! SEI’s comprehensive solar courses have helped me develop the skills I need to become a successful solar professional.”Dhib Warda


3. The D2D Experts: Door to Door University – Solar

D2D University teaches sales reps in a variety of industries how to increase sales. The Solar Sales Training course is a popular resource that includes information about pitching solar in door-to-door sales situations, setting appointments, and closing more deals.

Course Pros:

  • Noted experts in the solar industry teach Solar Sales Training.
  • The course includes more than three hours of in-depth training.
  • You can try the course for free thanks to the D2D University free demo.

Course Cons:

  • Course pricing isn’t available on the website.
  • It takes time to find honest reviews of the course.

Top Testimonial:

“After studying the basics and some of the material on mindset, I became the top rep in my office. I went from having zero sales to the most sales.” – Solar Sales Training Customer


4. The Sales Coach: Solar Sales Training

The Sales Coach: Solar Sales Training course will teach you how to understand your audience on a deep, intimate level. When this happens, you’ll be able to provide them with custom solutions that truly fit their needs, leading to more sales and happier customers.

Course Pros:

  • This course will give you expert-level knowledge to make sales.
  • The material is designed to help you sell solar to a variety of customer types.

Course Cons:

  • Course pricing details aren’t available on the website.
  • It’s almost impossible to find online reviews of this course.


5. Zippia: Solar Sales Representative Education Guide

Zippia’s Solar Sales Representative Education Guide is different from the other solar sales training resources we’ve talked about so far. It’s not a traditional course. Rather, it’s an informational packet of sorts that will help you decide if a job in solar sales is right for you. So, it’s perfect for those who are still exploring their career options in the solar industry.

Course Pros:

This educational guide is completely free. Just visit the website and start reading.
Read the guide to access information regarding the solar sales industry, such as what the average solar sales rep makes per year and the skills you’ll need to land a job.

Course Cons:

This guide won’t teach you how to sell solar panels. It was created to educate readers and help them decide if they should pursue a career in the solar industry.


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6. Coursera: Solar Energy Courses

Coursera is a popular online education platform with multiple courses related to the solar industry. Each of them is backed by a well-known institution and available for free (as long as you don’t require a certificate of completion once you finish material.)

Course Pros:

  • As mentioned above, Coursera classes can be viewed for free.
  • Coursera covers a range of solar topics, giving you a well-rounded education.
  • Every class is quite detailed and delivers a surprising amount of quality information.

Course Cons:

  • Most Coursera classes require at least one to three months to complete.
  • There are so many courses available on Coursera, it can take time to pick the right one.


7. Everblue Training: Solar Sales Training

This course from Everblue will help you understand how solar photovoltaic systems work. You can then take that knowledge and educate your customers to make more sales.

Course Pros:

  • This course is available 100% online and features a variety of educational resources.
  • Once enrolled, you (or your reps) will access 16 hours of solar sales training.
  • Those who finish the course will receive a certificate of completion from Everblue.

Course Cons:

  • This course is costly. Plan to spend $599 per student.
  • Sales reps only get six months of access to the online course material.

Top Testimonial:

“Made the process seem much less daunting than I had made it appear. The logical and organized approach to the material really made this a worthwhile course.” – John Paras


8. Ecotech Training: Solar Sales Professional 203 Training

Last but not least, we have the Solar Sales Professional 203 course from Ecotech Training. In it, you’ll learn important system details, as well as the latest sales and marketing techniques.

Combined, this knowledge will help you sell more solar panels than ever before.

Course Pros:

  • Enjoy 16+ hours of top-level solar sales training delivered via video.
  • Log in and view classes at any time of your choosing, day or night.
  • Take a post-course assessment test. If you pass, you’ll receive a certificate.

Course Cons:

  • Ecotech’s course requires a sizable financial commitment of $599.
  • Course enrollees only get access to the educational materials for six months.

Top Testimonial:

“I completed the PV system mechanical design module the other day… I felt on top of my game because all the racking was fresh in my mind, and it definitely showed.” – Caleb Kinney


Additional Solar Sales Resources

Each of the solar sales training courses above will help you close more deals.

But they aren’t the only resources available to you. In fact, we’ve published a bunch of solar sales tips on this website. Read through our most popular article below to level up your skills.


In Conclusion

If you want your solar company to succeed in 2023 and beyond, you have to train your reps to make sales. The resources we listed above will help you do that.

You know what else will help you close deals? A quality piece of software like SPOTIO. With it, you’ll be able to generate red-hot leads, plan routes, book appointments, build multichannel communication sequences, and more. Schedule your free demo to see SPOTIO in action.