Customer Story

Nerd Power

Nerd Power's Field Sales Teams Reach Next-Level Performance With SPOTIO

Change Impacted:
“If you use SPOTIO correctly, you should see double-digit savings on rep retention. You should see a double-digit improvement in lead creation. You should see double-digit improvement in area management and maximizing area.”
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Customer Overview

Industry: Energy efficiency and clean power technology
Company Size: ~50 field sales team members
Location: H.Q. in Arizona, serving seven states across the U.S.
Founded: 2015

Nerd Power is a full-service energy efficiency and clean power technology company based outside Phoenix, AZ.

Where many solar companies are focused on selling and installing panels on the roof, Nerd Power is a turnkey provider of services for the entire home, including windows and insulation, HVAC, smart home technology, and solar solutions. To get its message and mission to its
audience, the company invested significantly in training and retaining more than 50 salespeople across the seven states that Nerd Power currently serves. This investment in the livelihood of their customers and team members has paid off, as the company has realized rapid growth in the past and is expected to continue that trend in the years to come.

The Challenge

Because of the Nerd Power’s wide range of services, each deal was complex and became challenging to manage using traditional sales platforms and manual processes. As a result, sales reps spent too much time planning instead of selling, and the need for more organization detracted from the customers’ experience.

To grow at the pace that they were capable of, Nerd Power had crucial issues to tackle:

  • Lack of visibility into the field and no accurate way to measure performance
  • Difficult to translate rep training into real-world success
  • Inconsistent results led to problems in rep retention and outcome prediction
  • Manual processes were inefficient and time-consuming
  • No organized way of tracking follow-ups